Thursday, April 14, 2016


Most of my thoughts as of lately are consumed of what our baby girl is going to look like!:)
A few weekends ago Sam and I each went through our baby books looking at pictures of us when we were just little humans!
Of course I snapped a picture of every page of Sam's baby book and only got one of mine,
But a few of these are too cute not to share!:)
Sam: 1 year
Chelsie: 4 months
We are excited to see what our little peanut will look like!:)
Four months from today is baby's due date!!
Sam and I haven't purchased a thing except a cute dress when we found out the gender.
Good thing we still have four months to get everything ready!;)

Chelsie C.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


I FINALLY graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology
With an emphasis in Program Design!:)
After Sam and I got married I had one more semester to finish my Associate of Science in Medical Assisting and as the semester was getting closer to getting done,
I just kept thinking about how badly I wanted my Bachelors!
I was so excited to be getting done with school and that I would be able to work full time and put Sam through school,
But I could seriously not get the thought of earning my Bachelors off my mind!
Sam of course was so understanding and encouraged me to keep going to school if that's what I wanted to do,
So we made a plan and I didn't look back!
I'm so glad I decided to continue to go to school,
I took some amazing classes that I learned so much from,
Met classmates that will be my close friends forever,
And learned from professors that I felt was such an honor to sit in their classes.
I could not have accomplished this goal without the help of so many!
My parents dropped me off for my first semester of college,Winter of 2012.
I cried everyday that semester because college was so different than what I had expected!
I missed home, I had no idea what I was going to major in, and just felt lost.
After that semester though something sparked inside of me and I began to love school!
This last semester, Winter of 2016,
Was much like my first semester!
Sam can testify that I pretty much cried everyday this semester, haha!
Most of the crying came from all the hormones I'm experiencing due to pregnancy,
But this semester was just tough!
I was sitting in one of my classes this semester listening to the teacher lecture
And I just started crying.
I was completely lost with the material we were learning that day for some reason.
I made a plan that I was going to drop the class,
Maybe one of my other classes as well,
And I was just going to finish in the spring semester.
I even had my phone out on the school website ready to drop the courses.
I decided that I wold talk to Sam later and make sure I was making the right decision!
When I got home Sam told me I was absolutely crazy, haha!!
I was more than halfway through the semester
And he told me that he wasn't letting me drop my classes.
Thank you lover for encouraging me every single day to finish strong,
I couldn't have done it without you:)
All I have to say is...
I can't wait to see my Sam in this black graduation gown and cap next year!:)
I love you forever Sam.
From my first semester to my last semester,
My parents have encouraged, helped, and pushed me to reach my goal of graduation!
I can't thank them enough for the help they gave me physically, emotionally, and financially.
My parents are wonderful and I love them with all my heart,
I was so excited to accomplish this goal and make them proud!
Thank you Dad and Mom,
I love you both.
Also a shoutout to my siblings,
These three are the absolute GREATEST!
We each have gone off in different directions with our lives,
But we will always be there to support one another.
It meant so much to me that they all made it to my graduation,
I love you guys.
I love my Cannon family,
They too have been apart of my college journey since day one!:)
From my first semester,
Momma Cannon would send me packages encouraging me to keep doing my best and they meant the world to me!
I was so grateful that so many took time out of their busy schedules to be apart of my graduation!:)
I love being a Cannon and this family means everything to me,
I love you guys.
My grandparents were also able to be at my graduation,
And was so grateful that they came back early from St. George to be here!:)
They spent the entire day with us,
Even for italian sodas and cookies at 10:30 at night!;)
My grandparents haven't missed a single event in my life
And I'm so grateful they could be at my graduation,
I love you both.
I will always cherish my time I spent here at BYU-Idaho:)
I loved being able to go to school with my sweetheart these past couple of semesters.
I'm excited to continue encouraging him through his schooling,
And see him accomplish his goal of graduation next year:)
Thank you again to everyone who encouraged me along my way!
The prayers on my behalf did not go unnoticed.
This is a time in my life that I've been able to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior as they have led and directed me in the way I should go.
As one chapter of life closes another chapter opens,
I am so excited for my next adventure and goal!
Becoming a mommy to a baby girl in August:)
Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)