Friday, June 27, 2014

Six Months of Absolute Bliss

I've been married to my best friend for SIX MONTHS now!!:)
Ladies and Gents,
That's half a year!!
I can't even believe how fast time has gone!
I sure have enjoyed every part of this adventure with my Sam:)

I'm not going to lie,
I look at our wedding pictures EVERY DAY!!
I'll be sitting on the couch,
Look over at Sam and say,
"Look at this picture, I love it!:)"
Sam is also so kind to reply,
"I love that picture too!!"
With much enthusiasm like he hasn't seen the picture everyday for the past six months!!

I'm still in shock that I am married to my best friend,
That I'm a Cannon,
And that everyday I get to wake up next to Sam:)
I am blessed.

I just wanted to share some pics that I've been starring at more than usual lately,
I'm obsessed!:)
Our first few steps as Mr. and Mrs. Cannon!:)
Have you seen these before?!
But I love all the memories that come with them!:)

December 27th, 2013,
My most favorite day!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fashion Week Winner

Congrats to the Fashion Week Winner!:)
You are the winner of the fancy watch and good smelling stuff!;)
Email me at,
You can message me on Facebook!
Let me know what address you want me to send all the goods too,
Also let me know if you want the Forever Summer scent in a body spray or lotion!:)
Thanks everyone for being apart and participating in Fashion Week!:)
You all are fabulous!:)
Stay Classy;)
Chelsie C.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fashion Week Has Been Awesome!!

Ladies and Gents,
I just want to thank you for being apart of my very first,
I have had a ton of fun with it,
And I hope all of you have too!:)

Today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite summer finds!:)
I seriously LOVE summer,
And look forward to it every year!:)
I'm kind of a shoe freak,
So today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite shoe finds,
As well as my favorite summer dress,
And of course hat!:)
Let's do this!!
Rexburg's K-Mart is closing,
Everything is like 70% off,
These were both a steal of a deal,
And they are SO SO comfy!:)
I also got this new nail polish from K-Mart,
Kind of obsessed with the mint color these days!
Can you blame me?!
I love this summer dress I found!
It's from a little shop in Rexburg called LuLu Bella!:)
They seriously have the cutest things there!!
I have to have some serious self control when I shop there!;D
I found this hat in Vegas from a random vendor,
But it's my fav!:)
These heels changed my life!:)
I bought them for the wedding from,
Are you ready for this?!
The sports store!
I came across them and had to have them!:)
I am finding out that these heels are great for any season and any occasion!:)
They are SO comfy,
And can dress up any summer outfit,
Or night out on the town with the husband!:)

Well Lovers,
That's all I've got for ya!:)
I hope you have enjoyed each of the guest bloggers and their fun posts!:)
I know that I have!!:)

The giveaway will close tonight at midnight,
And the winner of the giveaway will be announced Monday morning!:)
So hurry and get your answers to the posts in,
And like the photos on Instagram,
For your maximum entries into the giveaway!:)

Here is your last summer lovin' question!:)
* What is your favorite summer store/vendor?! *
Tell me below for three additional entries!
Mine is currently!
It's seriously the best!:)
But I think I've already mentioned that a million times,

Catch you Monday Lovers!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Alex and Eleanor

oh heyyyyyyy!
my name is alex,
my little girl is eleanor,
and chelsie asked us to share a little somethin-somethin with you guys today for part of her fashion week!

today eleanor and i decided to share with you our outfit selections that we would wear on a date night with our main man, daddy!
something that i found out when i became a mom is that you start looking at clothing a little differently when you find yourself chasing an active little 1 year old. :)
you also have to provide comfortable, playful
(and might i add, cute!)
clothes for your little one.
so that's what we have done today!

eleanor is sporting the cutest black and white polka dot shorts
layers of ruffles on her top,
a comfy/stretchy striped blazer (gifted),
a homemade headband and her saltwater sandals.

i am wearing a top from zara
that provides enough movement and stretch that i can still function as a mother,
a necklace i got for my birthday,
stretchy skinny jeans (american eagle),
and a cute pair of heels that are not too high so i can still successfully chase my little girl when she decides to become a runaway at dinner. :)

when i go shopping,
i look for sales
(many of these items we are wearing
we got for killer prices on killer sales),
i look for comfort,
i look for a good price,
i look to make sure the item is not dry clean only,
and i look for something that still looks flattering on me.
but one of the biggest things i look for is to make sure i am purchasing a neutral
piece that can go with more than one thing.
i actually wore my top and shoes
at my sister's wedding last month,
and here i am today dressing it down with jeans!
that necklace just dressed up a t-shirt the other day,
making me feel just a little more put together.
every item i am wearing could go with numerous combinations of outfits i can think up,
which is perfect for me because when i wanna feel like i'm wearing something new,
the first thing i do is shop my closet. 

so if i could recommend one shopping tip,
it is to find versatile items of clothing that you can wear many different ways.

happy shopping ladies!

and now,
for your viewing pleasure,
some added narration from taking fashion pics with a 1 year old.
pretty fun.

there are some kill deer (birds)
that live in our front yard and ellie loves to make animal noises
(usually the monkey noise)
at them.
it's hilarious.
(she started to try to run away in this pic...)
(but like i said, i'm super fast in these shoes!)
(selfie! since it's hard to have both of us looking at the camera otherwise.)
(the timer went off so we had to run back inside and check on dinner.)
(aaaaaaaaand that's all ya get, folks! apparently this little one needed a love after the few minutes of daddy paparazzi! :)
- Alex and Eleanor
My sister-in-law Alex,
And my cute niece Ellie are the greatest!:)
I love them both and their awesome sense of fashion!
True story,
One time I tried to borrow Ellie's clothes...
Needless to say,
It didn't turn out how I planned!;)

I'm super glad these two were able to guest post today!:)
You can check out Alex's blog here!
As well as her photography blog right here!
Head on over ladies and gents!:)

Because I love you all so much,
The summer lovin' question will give you,
Additional entires into the giveaway instead of three!!
You can thank me later!;)
So you will want to make sure to comment on this post today to ensure you get those last few entries in before the giveaway closes tomorrow!!
Here is your summer lovin' question for today!!
* What is your favorite summer accessory?! *
Is it your sandals?
Sun glasses?
A cute beach hat??
Tell me below!:)

Catch ya tomorrow for our last Fashion Week post!:)
Thanks for tuning in each day,
I've had a lot of fun with this!:)
See ya tomorrow Lovers!!

- Chelsie C.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet Madie

Hey Everybody!
Happy Thursday!
I am super excited about today's post because, I get to be guest posing on Chelsie's blog!

Today I am going to show you one of my favorite summer outfits!
Maxi dresses!!:)
I love maxi dresses because there is so much you can use them for!
For example,
You can use them from a swimming suit cover-up,
To a cute summer dress,
To even a night out on the town!:)
Maxi dresses are awesome because
there are no set rules around styling them!
Add a belt,
Wear flip flops,
Wear boots,
Wear a maxi in the winter,
Wear it in the summer!!
You make the rules!!

Maxi dresses are also nice because their easy to dress up,
Or dressing down,
The choice is yours!!!:)
Maxi dresses are a lifesaver,
You always feel so elegant and feminine!!:)
Here is my current favorite summer maxi!:)
Maxi Dress: Rue 21
Black Shirt: DownEast
Sandals: Macy's

Happy Summer!:)

Madie B:)
Isn't my little sister the cutest?!:)
I love that I have a sister with a great sense of fashion,
It makes borrowing clothes really fun!;)
You can check out Madie's blog here!:)
She is just getting into the blogging world,
And her blog is the cutest!:)
Head on over and check it out!!

Yesterday I promised you that there was more to the giveaway than just the fancy watch!
Along with the watch,
I'll be giving out my favorite summer scent,
Forever Sunshine is my
The winner of the giveaway will choose
if they would like the summer scent in a lotion or body spray!:)
So don't forget to comment below for three additional entries,
And like the photo on Instagram of Madie for one more additional entry for today!:)
This summer giveaway is one you wont want to miss out on!:)

Here is your summer lovin' question for the day!:)
* What is your favorite summer food/recipe?! *
It can be a meal,
A dessert,
Or even a drink you only crave during the summer season!
Let us know!:)

See ya tomorrow Lovers!:)

Chelsie C.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meet Alice

Let's face it.
Finding a swimming suit that is cute,
And doesn't break the bank is nearly impossible. 
It is such a struggle!
For me,
They are either too low,
Too plain,
Or too expensive!
But 95% of the time, 
It is a bikini.

About a year ago,
I was faced with a dilemma.
I had just found out that I was moving to Aspen Grove,
And one of the requirements was that I needed a one-piece swimsuit!
I only owned a two piece suit!
I  was madly searching the internet
for a one-piece swimsuit,
That had shorts instead of the normal one-piece.
I had always worn boy shorts,
So I figured it wouldn't be that hard to find a swimsuit with boy shorts, all in one!
I spent at least 5 hours
par-oozing the internet for swimsuits.
I was so frustrated that I wanted to cry.
It shouldn't be that hard to find a swimming suit!
All the searching paid off,
And I stumbled across a website that has forever changed the way I
Look at swim suit shopping!
Seriously, though.

This site had HUNDREDS of cute and unique swim suits!

They were modest!
I ordered my favorite one!
It was a one piece swimsuit that had shorts and cute ruffles on it!
Everywhere that I went,
People commented on how cute it was,
And wondered where I had gotten it from! 


I just wanted to live in my swimsuit.
It was so comfortable, cute, and modest!
This year,
When it came time to find another swimsuit,
I wanted to find another one piece suit,
But the blue one had set a really high bar for the suit I was going to buy this year.

I ended up ordering two suit tops from

Victoria's Secret.
They were each $50,
And I figured I would take back the one that I didn't like.
They came in the mail, and I tried them on.
I HATED them!
I had ordered an XS in both of them,
And neither of them fit right.
Also, they were $50 for a plain black top.
I debated what to do,
And I ultimately decided that they
were not cute at all!
Too expensive, as well!
The swimsuits were only expensive because of the name associated with them.
Such a waste.

I immediately headed to that website I had found and went through

all of their swimsuits!
I ordered a few of them,
And a few weeks later,
They showed up at my doorstep!
I was so in love with them!
These are my two favorite from there!
This one was about $15. 
I got this one for $9!

The only downside is,

That it takes at least 3 weeks to receive the suits,
So you have to think in
advance to purchase the suits.
If you give yourself enough time,
You can even just select the 15-day shipping
{plus the 10 days of processing}
For free!
They have sales quite often,
So you just have to watch the site!

Anyways, it is called Light in the Box!

It can be found here!
They don't have just swimsuits either.
They have lots of everything!
{like wedding dresses.}
I am buying my wedding dress off of that site and then having it altered.
They are so inexpensive!

I also got this one from DownEast for about $40.

It was more than I originally wanted to spend,
But I love the ruffles on it.
{in case you couldn't tell already, I love ruffles!}
Now, for cover-ups.
I had never worn a cover-up before about a year ago when I came across this one at Dillard's.
It had sparkles,
So obviously I had to buy it!
I have it in black and Navy Blue!
This is the secret to shopping in general.
Look all over the store!
In Men's,
The DI,
Thrift Shops,
You will be amazed at what you can find in a store for dirt cheap,
Yet super cute.
Make it your own!

Believe it or not,

These black cover-ups were found at Dillard's in the Women's
PLUS size for $3!
You would never know that,
Except for the fact that I just told you that. 


I found this one at Icing!
Yes, Icing.
The store that has jewelry in it?
That's icing.
It was $2!
The biggest steal of all,
These next four were purchased at Trendy Exchange here in Provo.
It is a store where people sell their clothes,
And then the store re-sells them for a discounted price! 

I found them on clearance for $1.


These two are rompers that people would wear anytime,

But I wear them for cover-ups.
So fun!
The next two are just cute summer dresses that I now wear as a cover-up.
Most people get excited over big things,
But I get overly excited when I find good deals on clothes. 

That is basically my life,

And these are my secrets!
Enjoy the summer shopping, everyone!:)

- Alice:)
I just love my sister-in-law Alice!:)
She is the greatest,
And I'm in love with each of her summer finds!:)
Her Batman swimming suit is my fav!!!

You can check out Alice's blog here!:)
Her photography page on Facebook right here!
And because we all need a little more Alice in our lives,
You can find her on Insta as well!:)
Username: alicejanecannon

Remember to comment below,
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Follow this link
To find out about the giveaway going on this week!:)

Here is your summer lovin' question for the day!:)
*Where do all of you find our favorite summer swimming suits?!*
Let us in on your secrets!!

And if I were you...
I'd make sure to stop by tomorrow...
There is more to the giveaway than just the fancy watch;)

Catch ya tomorrow Lovers!;)

- Chelsie C.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet Kallie

Hey ladies!!:)
I’m so beyond pumped to be guest posting over here on Chels’ blog!!
She is just darling!
 I love her to pieces!

Alright, we are going to be talking about one hot item this summer… kimonos!!
Let me tell you I’m all on board with kimonos!!
Here are a couple ways you can style them!

We are in summer now and it is getting hot.
Now if you are like me I’m a fan of layering,
But obviously not so much in the summer….except when it comes to kimonos!
They are so light and just so easy to throw on over top of a T-shirt,
Without making you die of heat.
They add a fun twist to any outfit!
If you are looking for a fun clothing item this summer,
It’s for sure the kimono!!
First Outfit

Kimono: Forever 21
Pants: Target
T-shirt: H&M
Shoes: Go Jane (These shoes are on sale yipeee)
Tassel Bracelets: Rue 21
Belt: Target

On my second outfit I had to put a few pics in with my handsome hubby!
These pics were taken by the amazing Carolyn Anderson!
You can find her blog here!
Second Outfit 

Kimono: Windsor
Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: Ross Dress For Less// similar
Shoes: Go Jane
Necklace: Simple Addiction

Be sure to follow my blog for more fashion tips, outfit ideas, etc. at Forever Dolled Up
And be sure to follow me on Instagram: kalliematson
And like my page on Facebook to stay updated.
I hope all your summers have started off fabulously!!:)

- Kallie Matson

I just love my friend Kallie!:)
And so glad that she could share some of her summer favorites!:)
Head on over and check out her blog, instragram, and facebook,
It's awesome!:)

Here is the summer lovin' question for today!:)
* What is your favorite snow cone flavor and where do you go to get your snow cones?!*
Every person likes a good summer snow cone on a hot summer day!:)

Remember to comment below for three additional entries for the giveaway!
And like the photo of Kallie on Insta for one additional entry!:)

Catch ya tomorrow Lovers!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fashion Week Lovers

Ok Lovers,
I am actually so excited for this,
I hardly slept last night.
Obsessed With  Cannon is doing it's very first,

I love this time of the year.
Summer is the absolute best,
And I just want to share a few of my favorite summer things with you this week!:)

I've teamed up with a couple of my favorite blogs,
And each has agreed to to guest blog and share some of their favorite summer outfits with you!:)
I know!!!
I think you are beginning to see why I didn't sleep last night!;)

So here is how the week is going to go Summer Lovers!
Come visit my blog everyday this week and check out each of the amazing guest bloggers:)
At the end of the week there will be a summer giveaway from my new favorite summer online store,
You MUST check it out!:)
Here is what I'll be giving out at the end of the week!:)
This red, three band, leather watch!:)
I'm kind of obsessed...LOVE IT!:)

Here's how to win the lovely summer giveaway:)
Come check out my blog each day this week and enjoy a new guest blogger!
They have so many summer outfits and tips to share with all of you!:)
You cannot miss out on this!

At the end of each blog post there will be a summer question for all of you to answer!
For example,
"What's your favorite summer treat?!"
"What's your favorite summer activity?!"
Everyday that you visit my blog and comment with your answer to the question,
Your name will be put into the drawing for this giveaway
3 TIMES!!!
But remember,
You must comment!

For an additional entry into the giveaway,
You can like the photo I share on Instagram of the guest blogger!
My Instagram is private,
But no worries,
Just request me and I'll add you!:)
Here is my info;
Username: chelscannon27
You will need to comment on the blog post though,
So I can see who is liking my photo for an additional entry,
Or is just liking my photo on insta!

So enjoy the week and my guest bloggers!:)
I'll be sharing my summer favs later this week!!

And today is totally the start of the entry into the giveaway!:)
Here is your question Lovers!

Tell me,
What is your favorite summer destination?!:)

Can't wait to hear from all of you!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day Dad

To my first love,
My hero,
and greatest supporter,
I love you Dad:)
Happy Father's Day to you!!

I'm so glad there is a day to,
And spoil you:)

Have the best day ever,
You deserve it:)
Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)