Friday, May 15, 2015

Another Friday

And all I have to say to that is YAY!!!:D

One of my favorite things in the world is to wake up and see that it has been raining all night:)
When you walk outside everything looks
So green and fresh,
I love it:)

I'm excited to spend the weekend with my husband:)
One of our cars has been in the shop,
So I've been able to ride to and from school with Sam,
For the past two weeks, woo!!
He really is my favorite person:)
And I like when he sings Maroon 5 in the car;)

I'm still craving Cafe Rio for the hundredth day in a row,
But I think date night has a sweet pork salad in store;)

Happy Weekend:)
Chelsie C.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Miss Dancing

Today I've been thinking about all the things I used to be involved in that I miss,
And then I found myself dancing around the kitchen,
And realized that I miss dancing the most.
It was such a big part of my life,
And a part of my life that I loved and
Will cherish forever!:)
So since I'm missing my dancing days today,
And wishing I could still touch my toes and do the splits,
I'm sharing my top two, all time favorite dances,
From the t.v. show So You Think You Can Dance:)
How amazing are those dancers?!:)

Happy Tuesday:)

- Chelsie Cannon

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Family Filled Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend,
Mostly because we got to go home and spoil our moms:)
Husband and I decided to get crafty and make
Our moms a gift,
Instead of buying them something.
We put together a edible bouquet,
Filled with lots of chocolate dipped strawberries
And blueberries!:)
It didn't look like the pros,
But I snuck a few strawberries,
And they were delish;)
I wish I would have taken a picture,
But most of them were eaten before I thought of it, ha!

Saturday my family went out to dinner at
Olive Garden to celebrate my Mom!:)
And can I just say,
Wow, have I missed those delicious bread sticks!!
I tried taking some pictures with Sam,
You know to remember the good times and
The delicious bread sticks!
Haha, we got a few good ones;)
That night we all stayed at my parents,
It was so much fun:)
We spent the night learning ballet from Ellie!
I only recorded Ellie and Sam doing it,
But each of us took turns being commanded by
Ellie to do ballet!
I had tears streaming down my face,
It was hilarious to watch all the boys to ballet!:D
My favorite part is at the end,
Ellie would say,
"Take a bow!"
The next morning we did a breakfast
At my parent's house,
So we could do a dinner at the Cannon's house:)
Sam and I bought these straws for the breakfast,
They were so cute,
We couldn't resist!!:)
We had so much fun at the Cannon's the rest of the day!:)
Papa Cannon had been out of town the whole week,
So Sam and I got to prepare most of the meal,
It was a lot of fun:)
We also decorated a HUGE card for Momma Cannon,
Got to skype family,
And just got to be together:)
It truly was an awesome weekend being able to spoil our Mom's:)

I have been blessed with two amazing women in my life:)
They each have built a home centered around Christ,
And I hope that someday I can become just like them:)

I love you Momma Hawker and Momma Cannon,
Happy Mother's Day!:)

- Chelsie C.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Good Vibes

I can't get this song out of my head,
So I'm sharing it with all of you:)
After a long stressful week,
I just like to blast this song all day long:)
Happy Friday:)
Life is good!!!

- Chelsie C.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tulips Make Me Happy

On Wednesday,
We took a girls day to Utah to go shopping
And see the tulip festival!:)
It was SO much fun!!:)
These are the kind of trips that even
Though it's a day trip,
You still have to pack an extra pair of undies,
Because you always have THAT much fun!;)
I was a BEAUTIFUL day!!
Here are some pictures from our adventure!:)
We were in a shoe store and Ellie kept running
Over to this "table" and saying,
When the shoe guy walked past her she was a little disappointed that he hadn't brought her some
Snacks to eat!
Haha, it was a perfect "table" for her:)
 Ellie also got a free balloon and kept saying,
"Ellie balloon, no touch!!"
 Alex asked me to watch the stroller while she
Tried on some clothes,
So I took advantage of taking a "mom picture" with the stroller, haha:D
Tulip's are my favorite flowers,
I was so excited to see this banner!:)
 Some of my favorites:)
Alex suggested we take a picture
Like we were straight from
The Sound of Music,
I thought it turned out pretty fantastic;)
The secret garden,
This was an awesome part of the festival:)
I have more picture on my phone of
Madie after the tulip festival,
Than I do of anyone,
This was one of my favs:)
 Alex kept saying she didn't know where to put her hands,
So she just decided to jazz it up in all the photos, haha!:D
Good thing we couldn't see Alex's hands in this photo...
Ellie finally woke up and joined the party!:)
We ended the trip with cookies from
The Sweet Tooth Fairy,
A.k.a the greatest place a person can buy cookies!!
Then we walked across the street to
In and Out Burger,
In other words,
I rode home with my pant button undone;)
It was so much fun,
I'm so glad it all worked out for all of us to go:)
If you haven't been to the tulip festival,
This is the last full week it's open!
You must go,
And then get cookies afterwards;)

Happy Monday:)

- Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)