Saturday, September 27, 2014

9 Months

It's true:)
Sammie and I have been married
For nine months as of today!:)

These are some of the comments we have been saying to each other today.
"I can't believe today marks nine months!"
"Let's go celebrate at Pizza Pie Cafe!"
{so we did, ha!!}
"We just had our first marriage baby!"
{cause ya know, it's been nine months, ha!!}
"Can you believe it's our 1 year anniversary in three months?!"
"I love you:)"

My sister Madie was so kind to take some
Pictures of us today:)
I don't know if I have l laughed so hard in my life!!!
After eating so much at Pizza Pie Cafe,
It's hard to get yourself off the ground, haha!;D

I'm so glad I have someone like
Sam to share adventures with:)
I am blessed beyond measure being Mrs. Cannon,
And I am so glad today marks nine months of marriage:)
Happy 9 Months my love:)
I'm sure glad you chose me Sam:)
Happy Saturday Lovers:)

Chelsie C.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday:)

Friday is here again,
And I'm sharing with you the picture I am currently obsessed with:)
This pic was taken as Sam and I were leaving our reception:)
My sister-in-law Alex captured this moment,
And I'm so happy that she did:)
As we walked down the tunnel of bubbles,
With our family and friends on the sides,
And my main man right beside me,
I couldn't feel anything but grateful and blessed in that moment:)
This day was perfect,
And so was this moment:)
This was truly the start of our forever and happily ever after:)
 { Oh, and we were Vegas bound, so we were pumped about that:) }
So go and have an adventure this weekend Lovers!!
Let's make some memories:)
Chelsie C.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life According to the I-Phone

Life has been crazy,
Always a good kind of crazy:)
Here are some pics to show what us Cannons have been up too!:)

Let's begin clear back at the end of the semester in July shall we?;)
We finished school in July and then ate at Wingers, YUM IN MY TUM!:)
I shared a coke with my BFF:)
Best Friend Tanece got home from her mission!:)
She served in the Manila, Philippines mission!:)
This was a happy moment:)
Then cousin Lillis got home from her mission!:)
She served in the Anaheim, California mission!:)
I couldn't resist,
I took a selfie with her and my Uncle Tracy in the background:)
We ate delicious cupcakes to celebrate 7 months of marriage:)
Thanks Cannon Ladies!:)
We got free tickets to the Idaho Falls Chuckers game!:)
That boy right there is the only reason I sit through baseball games, ha!!
We can't get enough of our Ray-Bans:)
Even if they are the knock-off brand...shhh...
Best Friend date to the Temple:)
P.s the guy who took this picture sealed Sam and I,
I was quite excited in this picture!:)
I took my first Cannon Family Trip!:)
It was amazing!:)
Here's where we went!!!
First we stopped in Provo and did a session in the Provo Temple!:)
LOVE this Temple,
It was an amazing experience:)
Sister-In-Law went through the Temple,
It was amazing as well:)
Oh and it was really bright, ha!!!
We then traveled to Moab, Utah:)
And Papa Cannon is oh so funny:)
Moab was a beauty,
We loved every second!:)
We finally made an appearance at our apartment for the first time all summer:)
We celebrated 8 months of marriage here:)
This Temple is BEAUTIFUL!:)
We went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair!:)
Sam's first time back at it since his mission:)
We tried to take a Cold Stone selfie...
These were my $1 find,
I fell in love quickly:)
And we ended our summer with one last trip to the fair:)
We went to the demolition derby,
It's kind of been our thing since high school:)

I love you Sam:)
Thanks for all the fun memories:)

Chelsie C.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Today I have been married to the love of my life for 263 days:)

I know what you are thinking,
Totally random number Chels!!
But let me just tell you that I had a countdown for our wedding on my phone,
That is now counting up since the day has come and gone,
And I check this so called countdown every so often,
And today that's the special number:)

Husband and I recently started working new jobs,
And the hours don't always allow us to spend the whole day together,
But I am grateful that we both
Have jobs and we are working:)
Side note...
Getting a job in Rexburg is like trying to fit into a size 6 shoes when you are a size 7...
You could probably do it but it's usually impossible!
{haha, this is too true}

In case most of you don't know,
I like being married to Sam:)
He is seriously the best:)
Whatever I'm doing,
I always think about Sam:)
{currently at work, thinking about sam}

Whether I'm typing on the keyboard and catch a glimpse of my ring,
Or walk past a picture on our wall of us,
Look in the fridge and see that the milk is almost gone due to Sam making chocolate milk or eating excessive amounts of cereal,
Look at my phone to check the time and see a picture of Sam because he is always my background,
Or find the snacks he packed in my purse for work,
I am constantly reminded of December 27th, 2013,
The day I married my best friend for forever:)

I know I blog a lot about Sam,
Our marriage,
And how lucky I am to have him,
But I just cant get over being his wife:)
Chelsie C.

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Random Thoughts From Yours Truly

+ today i start my "new" job...basically it's my old job but now i work longer and have a bigger chair, yay!!

+ chic-fil-a is now located on campus, i like chicken so see you there.

+ husband got a second job, #feelinggrateful:)

+ sister started school today...official college student, weird.

+ i ran out of hairspray today and had a slight panic attack...first world problems.

+ husband and i are moving soon to a larger place and i can't seem to stay away from the online shops with cute home d├ęcor.

+ my nails are chipped badly and i'm really self conscious working an office job right now.

+ it's basically lunch time and now all i can think about is chicken...

+ my tan is slowly going away, hello blinding white legs.

+ anyone have news on the miss america competition? just kidding, i have it recorded in blackfoot, don't spoil it for me!

+ im attaching my favorite youtube video to get you through the week!
Stay Classy;)
- Chelsie C.


Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday

Thanks GOODNESS!!!:)

I've seriously been waiting for this day since Monday,
Glad you're here Friday.

Here are my thoughts about today,
Since today is move-in-day at BYU-Idaho and I mostly just want to cut the cord on my phone at work,
{ but seriously }

+ currently there is a mob in the kimball and president clark is the person everyone wants in their selfies. i'm enjoying the view from my desk!

+ my sister moves up to college today, i may cry. so beyond excited to have her here in rexy.

+ i've been craving mcdonalds every day this week. hey sam, i know whats for dinner:)

+ i pin a lot of baby things on pinterest, cant help it, it's all so cute!
{ no us cannons are not expecting if you are wondering, cause i know you are thinking it!}

+ our apartment complex cut the cable and i'm pretty upset because the miss america competition is on sunday.
{ sam is not upset }

+ sam is upset that he can't watch byu football though.
{ i am not upset, haha }

+ i really like cherry coke. invest people, invest.

+ my husband is picking me up from work, i feel like a supermodel when he does that.

+ i like fridays.

Have an awesome weekend!!
Oh and invite me over to watch miss america,
I make great caramel corn:)

Stay Classy Lovers;)

- Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)