Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucky to be in Love

I'm blogging about my husband today,
Are you surprised much???
Me either;)
Sam had to work last night,
And before he came home,
I wanted to make sure that I had our
Apartment all cleaned up,
Dinner on the table,
And a movie ready to go:)
Sam and I are kind of on complete opposite schedules,
So we live for the evenings and Netflix:)
Last night we ate little smokies and hot chocolate,
And watched a Christmas movie:)
It was a lot of fun,
And as we sat there watching the movie,
I thought about the picture below that I had
Seen a few days back!
I know the phrase usually goes,
"You are the apple of my eye."
But every couple is so different that they should
All be a different fruit:)
Us Cannons are going for the pineapple!!
Some days are just plain crazy,
Which makes me crazy most of those days haha!
But Sam ALWAYS knows exactly
What to say in each situation.
That's the reason he is the pineapple of my eye:)
I'm always told that the first year of
Marriage is the hardest,
It's a learning process you take day by day.
But the second year of marriage,
And third and fourth could be just as hard!
But you know what makes it easier?
Finding that person you can rely on and trust:)
Marriage hasn't been hard,
But it hasn't been easy.
It's a forever adventure that I chose the
Right person to explore it with:)
I have a good husband:)
A husband who allows me to be me.
To make mistakes and learn from them.
And triumphs with me when I succeed.
I love him for it:)
You are forever the pineapple of my eye:)
I cannot wait to watch another Christmas
Movie with you tonight:)
Happy Thursday Lovers:)
- Chelsie C.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I was being a good blogger for awhile,
But the weekend happened and stuff,
And then half of the week
So here is my life as of lately!
Enjoy my random thoughts from this Wednesday:)

It's been freezing here in Rexburg lately.
Like yesterday,
Let me tell you about yesterday.
After work I had to go and get a prescription,
So I got home from work,
Started the car,
And decided to let it warm it's buns up!
Then drove to the pharmacy shop.
I had given my car about 20 minutes to warm up,
{ driving included }
So I thought I was good to go.
I pulled up to the window,
And my window wouldn't roll down!!!
Lucky for me,
No one was at the window or saw me!
{ that could have been embarrassing }
So I proceeded to just drive through like I had
Taken care of my business and such!
I parked my car,
And then went inside.
Rexburg weather,
Don't do this to me!
I really was just avoiding going outside more than
I had to yesterday, ha!!
My birthday is on Monday,
And I'm really excited for some reason:)
Husband has some surprises up his sleeves,
Or so he says!!
I'm doing all I can to find out what is happening!:)
I got engaged last year on my birthday:)
I can't believe it's almost been a year since Sam
Popped the question!
This cold weather is familiar,
And I'm so excited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary:)
Time flies when you are with your best friend,
So marry your best friend ladies and gents!!

And as far as Hypo Fitness week goes,
I found a really good hot chocolate recipe,
And that's all I'm going to say about that;)
Hypo Fitness week will carry on sometime in the future;)
And yes I'll share the recipe with you;)
I can't wait until Christmas!
People who are decorating right now and playing Christmas music are my favorite!:)
I also love Thanksgiving,
But the Christmas cheer is something to have
All year long for me:)
Husband and I bought a rug for our new apartment,
We are really excited,
And we know it's just a rug,
But things like this excite us!:)
We are interesting people can you tell?
I have been burning cinnamon sticks in my burner,
Our apartment smells lovely:)
Invest people!!
But I must warn you,
If you live in a tiny apartment like Sam and I,
The overly powerful smell will burn the nose!
It's worth it though:)
I'm addicted to,
America's Next Top Model.
My sister and I finished a season last night,
And I'm starting a new season tonight.
This is actually the reason I haven't been blogging...
And just so we are all on the same page,
Bright red nail polish is always in!!
The color red just makes a girl feel classy!
With my red nail polish and red shoes,
I feel unstoppable!:)
Is it 5 yet?!
Because now all I can really think about is watching that new season of,
Americas Next Top Model!!
- Chelsie C.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hypo Fitness Week : Day 2

Today I would like to talk about,
One of my most favorite things ever!!:)

I have been lacking on my exercise,
Mostly because I haven't been feeling well.
But even when I just take a break from exercising,
I can feel the difference within my body!

The thing I LOVE about exercising,
Is there is a variety of things you can do to stay fit!:)
We have cycling, yoga, running, elliptical, kick boxing,
Circuits, Body Pump, I mean you name it!
There are so many different ways for you to feel great!:)
Find what you love to do,
And stick with it!!

I would like to issue a challenge to all of you:)
This month I am participating in a,
Lazy Man Iron Man here at BYU-Idaho,
I'm way excited:)
If you all you lovers want to,
I would love to have you join me!!
Here's how it goes:)

You have the month of November to complete this challenge!:)
{ today is the 5th so you better get to it! }
You will run 26 miles,
Bike 112 miles,
And swim 2.4 miles!
{ 84 laps is what that comes out to be i believe }
People usually do this all in a day,
But that's why it's called the,
Lazy Man Iron Man!
Because we are going to do it all in a month!:)

It's steps like this we take,
That will one day allow us to participate in an iron man,
And we will be able to complete it in one whole day:)

I would just like to leave you with some good exercising tips,
They have helped me enjoy working out,
And getting my butt off the couch to work out!
1. Pick a Time to Workout
If you set aside a certain time of the day that you can exercise, stick to it, get into the habit of it, then you will always find yourself at the gym or out running! I have a time set aside in the evenings and now that I have stuck to it, I look forward to my evening workouts!!

2. Find a Workout Buddy
Find a friend that you can workout with, it is so much more fun!:) It really motivates you to get out and do your class or your run if you know that someone else is depending on you being there!!

3. Find a Good Shoe
Honestly, 99% of exercising is making sure that you have the right shoe to do it in! Go to a store, sit down, and try on a bunch of different brands! My favorite stores are those where you actually get to run on a treadmill for a minute, they record your feet, and hand pick some shoes that are going to be the best for you! It's awesome, find one of those places!!

4. Hydrate
Drink lots of water throughout the day before you exercise. Also during and after, stay hydrated, you will be surprised what this does for your energy level!!

5. Get a Good Playlist
I think people can tell when I'm working out to a good song at the gym because I'm usually pounding pavement! I can't tell you the difference working out will be when you have a fabulous playlist pumping you up!!

6. Try New Things
Don't just stick to running or kickboxing, get out of your comfort zone and do something new!:) It's a great thing for your body when every other day you target a different part of your body! Running one day and hitting the weights the next day is a great way to get that variety in!

7. Manage your Eating Schedule
Make sure you haven't just eaten before working out and have eaten so you have enough energy. There is nothing worse than side aches when you are trying to do your thing, or not even having enough energy to finish your workout! Manage your eating schedule with your workout schedule!!

8. Warm Up and Stretch
The best thing you can do for yourself is take some time to warm up before you workout and then take some time to stretch afterwards. Your body will love you for this and you won't wake up feeling so sore the next day!

9. Set Goals
Whether it's being able to run 3 miles without stopping or lifting heavier weights, set weekly and monthly goals for yourself! There should be a purpose behind all things you do, especially exercising!!

Like I said,
I love exercising,
Trying new things,
And feeling good after a hard core workout!:)
Exercising is also great for your metabolism,
In reference to yesterday!

Happy Exercising Lovers:)

- Chelsie C.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hypo Fitness Week : Day 1

I can't lie,
I'm really excited about this
Hypo Fitness thing this week!:)
And I'm really really excited about what I'll be sharing with you over the next couple of days!!
They are simple life style changes,
That I promise will leave you feeling much
Better and healthier:)
These are life style changes you can make even
If you don't hypothyroidism,
They are just good for the bod,
Your bod;)
I would like to share,
Who doesn't want the in on this information?!
Through what I have learned,
There are so many hidden foods that you don't know about that can be used in this area,
I love it!:)
First off,
Every person pretty much eats three meals everyday,
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Did you know that small snacks throughout the day
Can be more beneficial,
Than not eating anything at all or just sticking
To these three meals???
Below are some great snacks that I try to incorporate throughout my day:)
My favorite,
Apples/Celery with peanut butter:)
Let me tell you,
I love the peanut butter,
But go easy.
The nutrition comes from the apple and celery itself,
Especially the skin of the apple!
Peanut butter is a good source of protein and fiber,
And is one of those foods that makes you feel fuller!
Hence being a great snack time food,
So you aren't starving my lunch time,
And overeat your calories!
Can I just mention how easy this snack is to
Bring with you?!
You got some tuber ware???
Just slip it in that purse of yours:)
Let me mention a few foods that we should
Already have in our homes,
That are great metabolism boosters!:)
1. Avocados
Avocados are great on just about everything! Sandwiches, salads, pastas, avocados are good and good for you!!
2. Cheese and Milk
As well as being metabolism boosters, these are a great source of calcium! The best advice I can give is try not to get your source of nutrition from supplements, get it from the real stuff. In this case for calcium, from cheese and milk!!
3. Asparagus
This stuff is DELICIOUS if steamed!! Asparagus is also a great side for dinners, yummy!!
4. Legumes
Good source of protein here people, get it while you can!!
5. Greek-Style Yogurt
All yogurts are pretty much great for you and your body, but there is a reason people are ranting and raving over greek yogurt! I also love that you can add granola to your yogurts like this and enjoy it even more:) If you aren't buying greek-style yogurt now, you should be;)
6. Tree Nuts
Another great snack for you to take with you! A bag of almonds or walnuts that you can snack at your desk or on the go, sign me up!!
7. Spinach
Switch up your salads, instead of romaine lettuce switch it for some spinach! You will be surprised what this does for your taste buds and your metabolism!!
8. Fish and Shellfish
Fish is fabulous for you!! I wish I enjoyed it because I know how great it is for you...
Eat it if you can, it's awesome for the bod;)
9. Eggs
I pretty much eat eggs for breakfast everyday, they are easy, quick, delicious, and good for you:)
10. Poultry/Pork
I eat a lot of chicken, mostly because I don't like fish, ha! You can get chicken wherever you go, pretty much! And I know you are going to be tempted to get the chicken fried, but when you get it grilled, your body will love you!!
11. Cottage Cheese
If you are like me, I am ALWAYS looking for a midnight snack!! Cottage cheese is one of the best foods that you can eat right before bed. It boosts your metabolism and works it, even when you are sleeping! Get a box of Triscuits and enjoy!!
With these 11 foods,
I can almost make up a full week of meals for myself!
These foods not only help your body,
But they help you feel your best:)
Go easy on the fried stuff,
And go more for the fresh grilled stuff!
Eat the skin on foods when you can,
And buy more frozen foods than canned foods!!
Less artificial sugars,
And more natural sugars from our fruits!
At first I felt like it was more convenient
Buying the canned stuff,
Or heading through the drive through for
Some chicken nuggets,
But once I made that life style change,
It's been hard for me to go back.
Mostly because I know how much better I feel eating the items above,
Then some chicken nuggets that seem to
Just sit in my gut.
You also don't need to only eat these foods,
But it would probably be a great idea to incorporate at least three of the items above throughout your day!
Give yourself a cheat day during the week!!
Some days you just need a bowl of
Peanut butter m&m's or café rio,
I know I do!!:)
Like I said,
We can probably find all these items in our home,
So we might as well incorporate them into our diets!:)
Happy Eating Lovers:)
- Chelsie C. 

Monday, November 3, 2014


For the last little while,
I have not been feeling like myself,
Or really looking like myself for that matter!
This might be TMI,
But here are some of the
Symptoms I had been experiencing.
. extreme hunger
{ i seriously could out eat sam by a long ways }
. no weight gain with this extreme hunger
{ people, i was going back for thirds and fourths! }
. urinating ALL the time
{ every 30 mins like i haven't gone for 8 hours}
. hair loss
{ our bathroom floor, yeah, bad. }
. tired ALL the time
{ if i could, i would have slept 24/7, it was crazy! }
. hands and feet were going numb
{ weird }
At this point Sam and I were thinking,
It's time to go to the doctor!!
{ i think sam was just sick of all the hair on the floor, haha }
My first concern was diabetes!
With everything I had read online,
I was a perfect match!
{ i blame the candy bowl in our apartment! }
So I went into the doctor and spilled my guts,
Told her I was a lover of fruit snacks and skittles,
And that I was slightly worried I had diabetes.
She ordered a couple of blood tests.
They included a 2-hour insulin resistant test
{ which really takes 3-hours, don't be fooled }
And then a bunch of other common blood tests.
Your CBC,
Thyroid Panel,
You all know the drill!
So a couple of days later I went in for all these crazy blood tests!
The best part was that I got to drink a overly sugared fruit punch for my insulin resistant test,
It was DIVINE!!!
They gave me five minutes to drink it,
I had that baby down in a minute!!!
So if any of you have to have this test,
Go for the fruit punch,
It will change your life,
And make that horribly long test worth it!:)
Sam was so awesome to come and sit with me for the whole three hours:)
It was actually a lot of fun I'm not going to lie:)
We were in a room with other people having the same long insulin test,
{ p.s we all had the fruit punch drink and were all instantly friends }
And we watched the Walking Dead,
Laughed a lot,
I mean who knew you could have so much fun at a doctors office?!
I had this test done on a Friday,
And my results came back Monday!
I was really worried what the results were going to come back as.
My doctor had mentioned that it could be my thyroid,
But I was really just worried that everything would be normal,
And my hair loss and hunger swings would remain with me forever!
In other words,
I was just making up all these symptoms.
Good news!
I didn't have diabetes,
But it was my thyroid!
They nurse told me that I had Hypothyroidism!
A wave of relief came over me,
Because I realized this was a much easier fix than having diabetes.
{ hooray! }
The nurse told me a bunch of stuff over the phone that totally overwhelmed me,
In other words,
That wave of relief quickly left, haha!
She said that my thyroid had been working in overdrive for awhile,
This explains the hair loss,
My metabolism has slowed down quite a bit,
And with the new medication I should start feeling a lot better within a couple of days!
So I quickly started researching all I could about Hypothyroidism,
Looking for apps that I could download that would be helpful,
And to be honest,
There is not a whole lot out there concerning hypothyroidism.
I found one app that was actually just a multiple choice test that would let you know if you might have hypothyroidism.
Too bad I already knew!
{ spoiler alert! }
But I actually found some bloggers that had this same thought process about there not being any information on Hypothyroidism,
And decided to shed some light on those { me } that were confused about what they had just been diagnosed with.
Through all the various posts I have read,
Research I have done,
Talking with the nurse,
I finally can breath knowing I have hypothyroidism:)
After I found out that I had hypothyroidism,
I started telling a few people,
And they all said the same thing back to me.
"That makes you fat."
"You totally gain weight if you have hypothyroidism"
"Too bad you don't have Hyperthyroidism!"
No encouragement,
Or an I know someone that has that and they are totally fine,
Just negative comments that I didn't really want to hear.
I was totally self conscious at this point,
Gaining weight is nothing anyone wants to hear,
Especially a newly married woman who is still trying to look somewhat decent for her husband.
{ my personal thought process }
But these blogs I found totally turned my whole perspective,
They were the encouragement I had been looking for:)
{ this is why blogging is awesome }
I don't know if anyone reads my blog that has Hypothyroidism,
But if they do they can probably testify that it's not a scary thing,
It's actually a "disease" that can easily be fixed through medication!:)
{ thank you modern medicine }
Sure it requires a little life style change,
But there are worst things you can be diagnosed with for sure!!
I'm grateful it's just my thyroid and that I can still eat fruit snacks and skittles without going into sugar overdrive:)
Over the next couple of days,
I would like to share a few life style changes I have been incorporating to help me feel better:)
I know I'm doing it because I have Hypothyroidism,
But really,
These are just things that will make everyone feel better:)
We will call it Hypo Fitness Week,
I am also an Exercise Physiology Major,
So this is really just an excuse to share some awesome tips with all of you:)
But I'm alive,
Today is a wonderful day,
I'm feeling so much better,
I have Hypothyroidism,
I am Chelsie,
If I gain a few pounds I'll blame it on Thanksgiving,
I'm grateful for the blogging world,
Modern medicine,
And help from my Sam, he is so awesome:)
{ look at all the blood tests i survived, haha!! }
Happy Monday Lovers:)
Chelsie C.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Love Story: Part 12

This is it,
The last of the love stories:)
This has been fun,
Too fun actually!!
I love this love story Sam and I have created:)
And the story only continues from here:)


It's here!:)
December 27, 2013,
Is FINALLY here!:)

Growing up my Mom had always told me stories of her and my Dad's wedding day!
She said that he was nervous,
Throwing up the night before,
Just feeling a little overwhelmed about the day.
For all of you that know my Mom,
She has her stuff together!!
Way more together than me!
So I was really worried about how I would be
Doing on my wedding day...
But I was great:)
I had never felt so much excitement and peace,
There wasn't an inch of nervousness to be found:)
I felt like I had waited my whole life for this day,
And it was here and I was going to enjoy
Every second of it:)

The night before I decided to be home early,
I finished packing my bags,
Had a million piles of stuff everywhere,
And by 11:00 I was all ready to go for the next day:)

When I moved home after my previous semester,
My sister and Madie got really close!
We started doing weekly sleepovers,
Which then turned into daily sleepovers haha,
So it was only natural that I would have my last sleepover with Madie the night before my wedding!
And really,
Madie has the most comfortable king sized bed,
So it's where I wanted to sleep everyday haha!:D
I slept SO good that night!!
I didn't take me long to fall asleep,
I didn't wake up once that night,
I was totally calm!
And when my alarm went off that morning,
I was ready to go!!:)

I got up,
Jumped in the shower and shaved my legs,
Shaved my legs again,
And then again!
I knew it was going to be cold that day,
And I would be shivering,
So I wanted those babies to stay smooth!!;)

Besides shaving my legs,
The only thing I remember doing that morning was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off,
Trying to stuff all those piles of stuff into my car,
I saw my Dad that morning,
He helped me stuff some more stuff into my car,
And then I was off to get my hair done:)
Looking back,
I probably don't remember anything,
Because I was thinking about Sam,

After I got my hair all done,
I went to pick Sam up at his house for our brunch:)
This was one of the happiest moments of my life:)
When I walked into Sam's house,
A lot of his family was standing there.
His family,
And they all were just as excited as I was!:)
And then I saw my Sam,
My soon to be groom,
Oh, he was handsome:)

We had one thing we need to do before we
Went to our brunch,
You can read that here:)
It was so crazy to say we were going to OUR brunch!!

There was so much work put into our brunch,
It was delicious and perfect:)
Sam's parents and those that helped them,
Made all our dreams come true,
It was such a fun morning:)

Sam and I were getting married at 2:30 that afternoon,
And I loved that!:)
Our morning wasn't rushed,
We were able to chat with family and friends,
And just enjoy our morning together:)

But then the time came,
It was time to head to the Temple!:)
That was the best drive I had EVER taken!:)
Sam and I were driving to the Temple,
And we were going to get married!!!:D
On the way to the Temple I was spraying Sam's hair with hairspray so it would stay the way it was,
We were laughing so hard,
And trying to not pass out from all the fumes!!!
Back in the day,
Sam's hair didn't like to stay in place,
So this was necessary!;)

Then we arrived at the Idaho Falls Temple,
My most favorite Temple:)
The sealing was absolutely beautiful:)
We had a room that could sit 90 people,
But actually had over 110 people in the sealing room:)
It was so special to have all those people in that room:)
They were family,
Life long friends,
And soon to be family,
I have never felt so loved:)
I thought I was going to be crying and have my
Nose running everywhere,
But again,
I was totally calm:)
I felt a sigh of relief as I was in the Temple that day.
Sam and I had made it,
We were being sealed for time and all eternity:)

After the sealing I went and got into my wedding dress:)
Sam and I got really lucky with getting married at 2:30,
Because we were the last ones to get married that day:)
I had the entire bridal room to myself,
And we also were the only ones outside taking pictures,
It was perfect:)
It was a little warmer than before:)
We lucked out with the weather that day!!
It was a beautiful day for December:)
Blue skies,
No wind,
We were blessed:)

When Sam and I stepped out of the doors,
We were officially Mr. and Mrs. Cannon:)
I love these pictures,
I was so excited to be Chelsie Cannon,
As well as get a breath of fresh air,
It was quite warm in the Temple that day haha:D

We hugged family and friends,
Took pictures until I thought my toes were
Going to fall off!
Our noses were bright red,
But I would do it all over again,
That was so much fun!:)
We headed to Blackfoot for our reception:)
Sam and I were starving,
So we stopped by Burger King on the way home:)
Sam totally spilt BBQ on his suit and tie!!!
Probably because we were taking this picture!
We were freaking out haha!:D
No one even noticed though,
So all was well;)

When we got to the church we quickly got ready,
Took a few more pictures,
And got ready to stand in line:)

I was totally overwhelmed with love with the amount of people who came to our reception!:)
Sam and I give all credit to our parents,
And most of the people I didn't even know,
But it was so good to hug everyone that came through the line,
And thank them for coming:)
So many people told me I was beautiful,
That Sam was handsome,
And that we looked so happy:)
I was so unbelievably happy with Sam by my side,
And I am grateful to those who came to
Celebrate this day with us:)

After the line had stopped,
We did the last few traditional reception things:)
We cut the cake,
And stuffed it in each others faces!!!
We had totally planned on being nice and neat,
And then Sam surprised me haha!:D
It was totally up the nostril!!!
We had our first dance as Mr. and Mrs.
Danced to Rooney,
And our family and friends joined us,
It was awesome:)

Then we changed,
Which was also a great moment of the day,
It has never felt so good to put on anything
Besides a wedding dress!
Although I really love my wedding dress,
I am also a lover of sweats;)
One of my favorite parts was walking through the  tunnel of bubbles that our family and
Friends were blowing:)
I had always seen pictures of people doing sparklers,
Those things have always scared me haha,
So I was glad it was bubbles:)
Even though there were lots of bubbles,
I was trying to see all of the people blowing them,
Because they all meant so much to me:)
People blowing these bubbles had done so much that day to make the day so perfect for Sam and I:)
These people had helped with the brunch,
Helped decorate the reception,
Were friends,
New Family,
My siblings,
My parents,
I just loved everyone so much in that moment:)
And then Sam and I walked out the doors,
And headed off to our forever:)
In other words,

Thanks for all those that made our dreams come true,
December 27, 2013 will always be my favorite day,
And truly the beginning of our love story:)

- Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)