Tuesday, August 30, 2016


. Born August 12th, 2016 .
. 10:50 pm .
. 8 lbs 3 oz .
. 20.75 inches .

Heavenly Father sent us a perfect little angel,
And we are loving having her sweet spirit in our home.
I can't believe she is here and all ours,
We love our sweet Emma Ann and those kissable cheeks.

I'm a new Mommy,
I get to watch Sam be a Dad,
And now we have our Emma with us forever.
I have such a beautiful life:)

- Chelsie C.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Today I'm 39 weeks and one day pregnant!
These past 39 weeks have been incredible and the most amazing experience.
Our bodies are absolutely amazing and I'm so grateful for these past nine months to truly see what a mother's love means.
I never thought I would be able to say I reached week 39,
But time has flown by and here we are in the last week of this pregnancy:)
I had a doctors appointment scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow) but over the weekend I started experiencing some contractions and thought it would be best to see my doctor a day earlier.
Doc told me that I was dilated to a 2 (YES YES YES!!) and that she would induce me Friday morning if our little babe doesn't decide to come on her own!
Sam and I are OVER THE MOON excited to know that by Friday, at the latest, we will be able to meet our little girl!:)

I love Sam with my whole heart and this week our lives are going to change forever:)
It's amazing how much my love for Sam has grown during the course of this pregnancy,
He has been so positive, helpful, and excited about everyday!
He is going to be the best papa to this little girl,
And when I think about how terrified I am for labor,
I just think of how sweet the moment will be when I get to see Sam become a Dad:)
From meeting Sam over 7 years ago at a stake dance,
To dating him through the last little bit of high school,
To sending him on his mission and writing him love letters for two years,
To marrying the boy of my dreams in the most special place,
To now as we embark on our greatest adventure yet,
There is no one I would rather do this life with than you Sam!:)
And no one I would rather spend my future sleepless nights with!;)
Cannon party of three coming at you all soon!
Can't wait to see you soon baby girl:)
We sure love you!!

- Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)