Friday, October 31, 2014

Love Story: Part 10


Two thoughts were running through my head when I woke up that morning after an hour or so of sleep.
"I'm either going to throw up today
Or I'm not going to throw up today!"
I was so full of emotions,
And just so anxious to see that Elder Cannon:)

I actually wrote a post about Sam's homecoming
On my old blog,
So I'm posting the link here:)
Because I gave all the details,
Posted a video,
And shared lots of pictures!:)

You can't just recreate magic like that;)

October 29, 2013,
Was one of the happiest days of my life:)
I am so proud of all Sam accomplished in these two years,
Being at the airport was priceless,
I love this day:)
And I will always love my Missionary:)

So what are you waiting for?!
Go read and watch the day the love of my life came home from his mission:)
Chelsie C.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love Story: Part 9

So the wait begins!!:)

I could also write post after post,
With adventures that happened within these two years,
But I think I'll just fill this post with pictures:)

Below really sums up the best two years:)
There is just something wonderful about being able to say,
Your best friend is a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:)
Elder Cannon left on his mission:)
{ this is him with his first mission president and wife }
And I went off to college:)
Elder Cannon made new friends:)
And so did I:)
Elder Cannon was a great Missionary:)
And I tried to be a great student:)
Elder Cannon learned the art of planking in the PA:)
And I tried to follow in his footsteps:)
Here are some people Elder Cannon grew to love:)
And here are some people I grew to love even more:)
 Elder Cannon became an Assistant to the President:)
And I became and Aunt:)
 Elder Cannon would send me pictures like this:)
And I would send him pictures like this:)
He had his name tag:)
{ this is him with all the assistants }
And I had mine:)
{ i have met so many wonderful people at my job on campus }
Sam went to Washington D.C:)
While I ran a marathon:)
Elder Cannon would send me cute selfies like this:)
And I would send him even cuter ones like this:)
 { cuter, we are going to say thats a word, haha }
These are people who kept Sam company for two years:)
And these are people who kept me company for
Two Years:)
His homies:)
My Homies:)
Elder Cannon went to a Philly's game:)
And I went to the tulip festival:)
Elder Cannon had great companions:)
And I had great roommates:)
He met a legend:)
And so did I:)
{ this was sam's first mission president }
Elder Cannon celebrated on rooftops:)
I celebrated with balloons:)
{ this was at sam's one year mark }
He would tell me he missed Idaho:)
And I would tell him that Idaho missed him:)
You could tell by his shoes that he was an amazing missionary:)
I have always loved this picture:)

I was so lucky to be able to write this boy for two years,
His letters and emails were inspiring!:)
He was a hard working Missionary,
And truly dedicated two years of his life to the Lord:)

But the day FINALLY came,
Sent Elder Cannon his LAST letter:)

And then I tried to patiently wait for
October 29th to arrive:)

Chelsie C.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Love Story: Part 8

I just have to mention one thing before we get going with the next part of the Love Story:)
Today marks one year since Sam
Came home from his mission:)
Where has the time gone?!:)
That will be another part coming with this love story,
But I just wanted all of you to know how much I
Really really love this day!:)
Happy October 29th!:)
I love where life has taken me this past year:)


Where did these last three months go?!
Is it really time for Sam to leave on his mission?!
Better question is,
Am I ready for Sam to leave on his mission.

The months before Sam left on his mission were magical,
That's the best way to describe it:)
It wasn't magical though because we were
Young and in love,
But because so many events happened in these last couple of weeks together,
That changed my life:)

Sam is one of the greatest examples in my life,
He has truly helped me reach a new level of happiness,
I have always appreciated that about him:)
If you need someone to come and make you feel like a million bucks,
Call Sam:)

Some of the things I was able to witness before Sam left on his mission,
Was him prepare diligently for his mission,
Going to the Temple,
Hearing him give his farewell talk,
Doing so much for those around him,
And just him being so excited for this next
Step in his life:)
It was magical I tell you!:)

But the day came,
November 1, 2011,
The day I was going to say goodbye to Sam for two years.
My heart was full of so many emotions!
{ happy happy emotions:) }

Sam was headed out the next day,
So he was SO busy this day!
And within a matter of hours,
He would be set apart as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:)

I went over early in the day to help him with any
Last minute things,
And then told him I would be back later
When he was set apart,
And to say my see ya laters!!!
{ AH! }

I ran over to Walmart to grab a few things,
Print off some pictures,
And then I ran back over to Sam's house,
Time was precious at this point and I didn't want to waste a second!
Sam and I both had little things we wanted to
Give each other,
And between all the running back and forth,
We were able to give these items to each other:)
One of the things Sam gave me was an Adventure Book!:)
We are OBSESSED with the movie UP,
And Sam made me the most wonderful book of Adventures we had had together:)
As soon as he gave it to me though,
He had to run and grab something,
So I just sat on the couch and thumbed
Through all the pages:)
Sam had kept things like tooth picks,
Gum wrappers,
Ticket receipts,
So many memories came flooding back:)
This book was amazing he had put together:)
We decided to run outside for a second to say goodbye,
Give each other the rest of the stuff we had,
And then head inside to have Sam set
Apart as a Missionary:)
Outside we exchanged some promise CTR rings we had picked out for each other,
Some pictures,
One last big hug,
And a soft kiss on the forehead to last forever:)
{ or just two years, hehe }
As we went back inside,
There was just so much love:)
Sam and I took a seat on the piano bench for a moment.
And then it was time,
Sam was going to be set apart as a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
This was an awesome thing to be apart of:)
After Sam was set apart,
It really was time for us to say our final goodbyes,
And I didn't know if I was ready.
Like I said,
Sam was such an example to me,
My best friend,
And I was starting to doubt if I could do these
Two years without him.
But I knew this was not the time to be selfish,
Sam was sacrificing these two years to the Lord,
I couldn't wait for this adventure to start for him:)
Sam and I made eye contact across the room,
We gave each other the look,
And I made my way over.
Right as I was going in for the kill my brother
Royce came in for his goodbye!!
I was totally cut off,
And it was hilarious!!:D
That was totally needed in that moment:)
But for reals,
It was my turn now!!
I couldn't hug Sam now that he was set apart,
So I stuck out my hand for a really great handshake:)
I knew by that handshake Sam gave me,
That he was going to be an AMAZING Missionary:)
{ strong hands and a tight grip, you know what i'm saying! }
We  just looked at each other though.
We said we would see each other in two:)
Then ever so slowly,
{ and i mean basically holding hands now, ha }
Our hands let go.
I turned around,
Headed over to my Mom,
Said goodbye to the Cannons,
Turned around and waved to Sam across the room,
And stepped outside.
My Mom thought it was a good idea if I
Didn't drive home alone,
So I grabbed my adventure book,
And got in the car with my sister-in-law Alex!
As I got in the car and looked out the window,
I didn't expect to see anything.
But there was Sam standing on the
Porch with his family:)
He was waving goodbye,
And I rolled down my window and waved goodbye back,
It was a great last moment goodbye:)
But then Alex and I drove away.
That was the last time I saw now Elder Cannon,
For 727 days.
And I thought to myself,
Here is to another adventure:)
We took this picture on our last date,
I have always loved it!:)

Chelsie C.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Love Story: Part 7

From October 27th on,
Things just kind of escalated with Sam and I:)
Our friendship continued to grow and grow,
And I found out that I kinda really
Loved being around this guy:)
We did everything together!:)
School dances,
Hanging out on the weekends,
Inviting each other to do things with our families,
Dating Sam was pretty much a blast!!:)
I was loving every second:)

I'm pretty sure that I could write a million more
Love Story Parts dealing with our dating period,
We have had so many good times:)
But to save doing a million parts,
I think I'll skip to the next big event that
Happened in our lives:)

While Sam and I were dating,
We always talked about the future!
What dreams we wanted to pursue,
Where we wanted to go to school,
And where we saw ourselves in 10 years from now.
One thing that ALWAYS impressed me about Sam,
Was that his future plans always included serving a
two year mission:)
He was so excited for his mission,
Even though at this point it was still quite a ways away,
It was always part of his plan:)

As our friendship continued to grow,
I started to realize what this two year mission would mean...
Me waiting two years for this boy!!!
But every time I thought about it,
It didn't seem like something I had to do,
But some thing I WANTED to do:)
I knew it would be hard,
But worth it:)

Sam and I spent a lot of nights talking about these
two years.
Should we continue this friendship via letters,
Or take a break and pick up where we left off in
two years!
That second option pretty much got kicked out of the mix pretty quick,
We both wanted this to last,
And if we had to wait two years,
That is what we were going to do:)

Let's fast forward to July 21, 2011:)
The day Sam received his mission call!:)
What a day this was!!!
It was almost unreal when I sat and thought
About it to long.
I just kept thinking,
"Sam is going to find out where he is going to serve for the next two years!"
{and it wasn't going to be blackfoot, darn it!}

When he sent me the picture of that big white envelope,
I lost it!!
I just started crying,
I was so proud of Sam:)
I was full of excitement for Sam,
This was a special day:)
{happy tears, happy tears!!}

Sam got his call earlier that day,
And he wasn't going to open up the big white letter
Until later that night!!
The anticipation was KILLING me!!!
Everyone was so anxious to find out where Sam was going:)

The time finally came for Sam to open up his call,
And my friend Tanece and I headed over
For the big reveal!!:)
A lot of people had a hunch that Sam
Was going to go to Brazil,
But boy were we in for a surprise!:)

I can't remember where I guessed,
It was probably Hawaii,
Because that is usually where I guess for everyone haha!!
I have yet gone to a mission call opening where the person got called to Hawaii!
I'm sure it will happen someday!:)

It was time,
Everyone was huddled around,
Ready for Sam to tell us where he had been called:)
It was fun to be in a room where so many people surrounded Sam:)
These people were his neighbors,
Best friends,
And family:)
It was so special to be there:)

I wrote a blog post about Sam opening his mission call back in the day,
There is a video at the very bottom that I can't put on here for some reason!
So you can watch the excitement HERE!:)

If any of you watched the video,
You saw that Sam got his mission call to...
Why hadn't I thought about that place before?!
It was so perfect for Sam:)
I love in the video where Sam's voice cracks when he says where he is going,
The Spirit was so strong,
Sam knew this is where he was supposed to serve for the next two years:)

Funny story,
The first thought I had when Sam opened up his
Mission call was,
I had my friend Tanece text all my friends because I was seriously struggling with the spelling!!
Because of this,
Sam and I decided to call Philadelphia,
Of course now I can spell it after two years of
Constantly spelling it,
But I still refer to Philadelphia as Phila:)

Later that night,
Sam walked me to my car and we took these photos:)
{this is our "SAM IS GOING TO PHILA faces"}
As I drove away that night,
I was so overwhelmed with joy,
Sam was going to Phila:)
But then I realized,
We only have over three months left together,
This time is going to go by too fast.

Chelsie C.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Love Story: Part 6

So I thought October 17th was the best day of my life,
October 27th had it beat by a long ways:)
October 27th is the reason we got married on
December 27th,
Just sayin' ;)
That story will come later:)
P.s isn't it funny that today is October 27th?!
Totally didn't plan this,
But this is perfect:)

Today is a bunch of things,
It's my brother Royce's birthday,
It's a Tuesday,
And it's another stake dance,
What are the odds;)

So Sam and I made plans to meet up at the dance,
And I couldn't wait to see him:)

The night came,
And as I was about doing the Cha-Cha Slide again,
I was keeping my eye peeled for Mr. Sam:)
All of a sudden,
Sam walks through the doors,
And I am SO excited!!!:)
He is with some of his friends,
And I am with some of my friends,
But somehow we find ourselves dancing,
And I am loving every second:)
While we are dancing,
Sam asked me if he could take me home,
And maybe we could stop by
McDonalds on the way home!:)
I wanted to SO badly.
But it was a school night and I knew what my
Mom would say.
So I told Sam that I would go and ask my Mom,
{because she is still in the Stake Young Women's and at this dance, ha!}
And get back to him momentarily:)
I ran over to my friend Holly and told her what was up!
I told her I couldn't tell my Mom,
But also that I had to tell her,
I would be dead!!!
I drove all my friends to the dance that night,
So we figured I had a little bit of time to spare with dropping them off.
So this is the plan that Holly and I came up with.
She would take everyone home for me in my car,
Take my car to her house,
I would quickly go to McDonalds with Sam,
And we would meet up at Holly's house:)
Then I would drive home,
Run upstairs,
And go right to bed,
I don't know why I was nervous to ask my Mom if I could go with Sam,
She probably would have said yes!!
Silly me!!
Forgive me Mom!;)
I have learned from my mistakes!!!!!
So Sam, me, and all of my friends
Left the dance at the same time,
And I left with Sam:)
We left the parking lot listening to,
"Must Have Done Something Right"
By Relient K:)
{this is now one of "our" songs and we love it}
And we were on our way to McDonalds!:)
We quickly grabbed some cheeseburgers,
Chatted a bit about the dance and the Cha-Cha Slide,
And Sam said that he would drive me to my car:)
On the way to Holly's we talked,
We laughed,
We played Relient K on replay,
It was great:)
When we arrived at Holly's house and my car,
Sam asked me if he could walk me to my car:)
That gave me butterflies,
So I said yes:)
Sam told me that he had a surprise for me,
But really he had surpriseS for me, haha:)
He first pulled out a note and gave it to me,
And told me that I could read it later:)
Ever so softly,
Sam Cannon gave me a kiss:)
Right there in front of Holly's house,
McDonalds breath and all:)
I was speechless,
And pretty sure that I thanked him for the kiss,
But once again I was on cloud 9,
Sam Cannon had just kissed ME!!!:)
Today was truly the best day of my life!:)
I drove home,
Ran upstairs,
Jumped into bed,
And read the note that Sam had given me:)
Chelsie C.
So after this day,
27th's became really important to Sam and I!:)
We would celebrate them each month,
And all day just wish each other a Happy 27th!:)
So it was only natural that we get married on a 27th,
But hey,
That's another story;)
Happy 27th Lovers:)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Love Story: Part 5

On October 17, 2009,
I made the best decision of my life:)
I feel like this next event hit off what was to become between Sam and I,
I love this day:)


A couple of days earlier,
Sam had asked me if I wanted to go to Logan, UT with his family,
To watch his sister Alice play in a volleyball tournament!
I was
That Sam had asked me to do something,
And I was running around my house trying to find my Mom!!
"MOM, MOM!!"
CAN I GO?!?!"

I totally knew that my Mom was going to say no.
I mean,
Why would she let me go to Utah with a boy she hardly knew?!
But then something strange happened...
She said YES!!!:D
It's like she knew that Sam was special,
And this day would be special too:)

So October 17th finally came,
And bright and early Mr. Sam came and picked me up:)

On our way to Utah we had solitaire
Tournaments on our I-Pods,
I chatted with his awesome family,
And even played name that tune with all the Cannons!!!
{sam's family listened to totally different music, so i did terrible, ha!}
It was a lot of fun,
And I was enjoying getting to know the Cannon Family:)

When we got to Logan,
We started watching Alice play in her tournament!
And of course I got nailed by a volleyball!!
Haha, I laugh about it now,
But I was so embarrassed!:D

Sam and I took a couple of walks throughout
The tournament,
That was my favorite part:)
During one of our walks,
Sam bent down and picked up an earring that was laying on the ground.
He said,
"Look, it's an eyeball!"
And gave it to me.
I still have that eyeball:)

After the tournament we headed over to one of
Sam's Uncles home!
They were so fun to meet:)
We headed downstairs though to take a load off and watch some movies:)

Sam's little sister Brooke insisted on watching Cinderella,
So we did and it was awesome:)
Throughout the movie though,
I had this feeling that Sam was going to
Hold my hand.
But as the credits started rolling,
I knew that the feeling was TOTALLY wrong!!

After Cinderella,
We were still tired,
So we watched a show called Cool Runnings:)
{i will forever love this show}

Once again I got this feeling Sam was going to hold my hand,
But I quickly brushed it away.
It was probably just the volleyball hit talking to me,
My hand was resting on a pillow though,
And about halfway through the movie my hand twitched!!
Like full on muscle spasm,
And Sam looked right at me and said...
"Can I hold your hand?:)"
I'm sure my face was turning red right about now,
But how could I say no?!
I wanted to hold Sam's hand!!!
So I said yes,
And was completely distracted the rest of the movie:)

At one point we stopped holding hands,
I don't remember why.
But Sam asked if I would like to start holding hands again.
And as much as I loved it,
I was so nervous people!!!
So I said,
"Uh...I need to go to the bathroom:)"
I totally didn't need to go,
But faked the motions like I did, ha!!
When I got into the bathroom though,
There was a huge hobo spider!!!
I don't do well with spiders for anyone that knows me,
So I ran out of the bathroom calling for Sam,

We resumed holding hands,
And finished the rest of Cool Runnings:)
The movie ended though to soon,
And it was time to head home.
It was a nice drive home,
I thought a lot about the day and all the events that had just happened.
Sam totally fell asleep!!
{he wont admit it, but he did!!}
And I just stared out the window at the beautiful stars:)

When we got back to Blackfoot,
Sam told me he would take me home:)
We took a detour to go star gazing,
But really,
We just wanted to hold hands:)

Are you starting to see why this day changed my life?!:)

While we were sitting in the Land Cruiser,
Star gazing and holding hands,
Sam asked me,
"Can I give you a kiss?:)"
Once again,
And this is what I said...

"Ya know,
I kinda like when I don't know when things are coming.
I think things should just happen:)"
And just like that I talked Sam out of giving me a kiss!!

So he drove me home,
We held hands the whole way,
And I was on cloud 9!:)
Despite the fact that I had declined a kiss from this hunk,
This day was perfect:)
Chelsie C.

Thanks For Stopping By:)