Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Today I've been crying,
Actually, let's back up.
I've been crying since Monday when we went in for our last ultrasound.
I'm not a crier but hey, pregnancy does weird things to you;)

On Monday we had our last and final ultrasound before baby girl decides to come,
It was our 3D ultrasound so you can imagine how excited Sam and I were!
When they pulled our babe up on the screen I couldn't take in that moment enough,
There she was.
I was getting a glimpse of what our sweet babe looks like.

Yesterday Sam asked me a question.
"Do you think our baby knows she is going to be born?"
If she is having any of the same thoughts I've been having, I would say no.
I think baby girl just wants to stay inside me forever and remain lodged in my ribs;)
Only kidding, August just seems so far away I don't think I'll ever be able to breath normal again!
But this question has been floating around in my head all day,
"Does our baby know she is going to be born?"
Does our baby know that we pray for her everyday?
Does our baby know how long we've waited for her to join us?
Does our baby know how much we already love her?
My new answer is, yes.
Our baby does know:)

I hung up one of our 3D ultrasounds on the fridge,
And yesterday I found myself looking at the picture over and over again.
Memorizing her nose, her eyes, and those chunky cheeks!
At dinner I told Sam,
"I can't figure out who she looks like, but she looks familiar to me."
I've seen her before, she is familiar to me, she's my little girl.
That's how I know our baby knows she is going to be born,
Because we were all together before we came to earth.
I have felt this happiness before and this sweet spirit in my home,
It's all familiar to me.

So these tears that I've been crying,
They are tears of happiness and pure love.
I'm anxious for our baby to come,
To bring her home and to love her.
I feel nervous and unprepared but totally ready at the same time.
Like I said before,
This is all familiar to me:)
Chelsie C.

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