Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This Post Is For Catching Up

Why haven't I blogged since Christmas Eve?!
Because Christmas Break was AWESOME!!
And mostly because I am now getting back into
The swing of things,
And remembered I had a blog, HA!

These past couple of weeks have been eventful!!
And I'm really sad they are over,
Because that means I'm back in school.
Currently back in school and dying of the
Hours of homework.
I like the routine,
And I love learning,
But defiantly dislike the homework.
So far in school I have learned about such a thing called the "sitting disease."
I'm afraid of it,
And I basically sit all day, woo!!
I always tell Sam that we need to get up and go for a walk,
But then we end up sitting on the couch and watching White Collar.
We are trying to fight the sitting disease as best we can;)

Enough about school and more about Christmas!
This post is lengthy,
But the pictures are worth it;)

P.s. if you don't watch White Collar,
You should:)
 Our break started off by heading to Blackfoot:)
I had to take a big test,
But was rewarded with bowling that night:)
Sam and I doubled with my brother Royce and his date,
It was a lot of fun!:)
I forgot how bad I am at bowling!
Unless I have bumpers,
Then I'm pretty much the best;)
 The next day was the Hawker Christmas Party!:)
For some reason this was the only picture taken,
Merry Christmas is written all over our faces, haha!!
After the party my parents told us they had to
run some errands.
It started out all fun and games,
Ended in a 2 hour shopping trip,
That is when the picture above was taken, haha!!
But then it really ended in ice cream,
So it was actually really fun,
Because ice cream is fun;)
 After the weekend I had to go back to work until Christmas Eve,
But as soon as I got off work,
We headed up to Island Park to spend Christmas
with my family:)
This was the only picture taken of the whole fam!
Where is Madie you ask?
That is her butt on the left side of the picture!
We were to occupied with what Santa brought us:)
 And Santa defiantly found us:)
For Christmas,
Sam got me a prize candle:)
In my candle I got a $100 ring!
I was pretty excited about it!:)
I love you Christmas!:)
 The day after Christmas we headed down to Blackfoot again to spend some time with Sam's family:)
We took this picture by their Christmas tree just like we did last year:)
Although this year I definatly did not take a shower.
That's what it looks like anyways, haha:)
I like this picture tradition we started:)
Next year I'll remember to shower;)
 The next day we woke up,
I was so excited I could hardly sleep the night before!:)
On Christmas one of Sam's gifts was a trip to Utah to go see the Jazz play against the Philadelphia 76'ers!:)
Sam served his mission in Philadelphia,
And so I was so excited that the Jazz were playing the 76'ers on our anniversary!:)
My parents bought us a hotel in Salt Lake 
for our anniversary,
We took this picture in the elevator,
Mostly because it was slow and we had time to kill;)
The first thing we did when we got to Utah,
Was we headed straight to Tucanos!:)
We have been counting down the days to eat here
for our anniversary!:)
Also they had chicken wrapped in bacon,
They had chicken wrapped in bacon...
It was delish!!!
Later that night we headed over to Temple Square:) 
And as crazy as it might sound,
I have never been to Temple Square during Christmas time to see the lights!
This was a first,
And I LOVED it:)
 Everything was lit up so beautifully:)
 Husband of one year right there!:)
It was so fun to see the lights for the first time
with my Lover:)
We then headed over to the Jazz game!:)
We bought nachos and dippin' dots before the game,
I was in heaven!
The Jazz won!:)
Sam had never been to a game where the jazz had won,
So it was pretty exciting:)
 We had some pretty good seats up in the nose bleed section:)
 Sam was so focused on the game,
I could have been kidnapped right next to him,
And he would of had no idea!!!;D

After the game we headed back to the hotel!
We stayed at the Marriott,
So we were in walking distance to everything,
It was so nice:)

The rest of the day was spent reminiscing on our
wedding day!:)
December 27, 2013,
The start of OUR forever:)
This year has been nothing short of adventures:)
I love this picture of us coming out of the Temple:)
I literally feel like Sam took me by the hand that day,
And led me right out the door telling me,
"Chels, let's go spend forever with each other!"
Our wedding day was absolutely perfect:)
I have loved every moment of being Mrs. Cannon,
I am blessed beyond words!:)
 Sam is my rock,
He is so patient with me,
He makes the best pancakes,
He listens to me and helps me with everything,
He opens my car door,
He kisses me goodnight,
He holds my hands,
He laughs at my jokes,
He takes me on Temple dates,
He loves me for me:)
A year down,
And eternity to go:)
I love you Sam Cannon.
Happy ONE year anniversary:)

We came back from our mini getaway,
And spent New Years with our families:)
We also got to spend some time with our friends!:)
It was great to see these people!!!
 We finally made it back to Rigby and got ourselves ready for the new semester!:)
The end of 2014 was good to us:)
We were very blessed that we were able to spend it with family and with each other:)
We are excited for you 2015,
We can't wait to see what is in store!:)

Stay Classy;)

- Chelsie C.

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