Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Post About Food

Like I said on Monday,
Husband had plans to take us to Big Juds,
It was my first time and it was AMAZING!:)
First off the burger delish!
Usually when they are that big they aren't to tasty,
But I'm pretty sure I could eat that burger all to myself and get my picture up on the wall!
Second off I got tater tots,
A.k.a my FAVORITE way to eat potatoes!
I've never been good at debates,
But I'm pretty sure I could win a debate about how potatoes are better in the tot form instead of the french!
Also I don't really like root beer,
But they had the good homemade stuff!
I'm a simple gal,
Give me tots and a large homemade root beer and
I'll give you my kidney!;)
And the best part of the entire evening was when Sam said we could get ice cream,
A.k.a play-dough ice cream { some call it superman }
Brings me back to my childhood folks:)
So here are some photos of our fun Monday night:)
Clearly my teeth stain more easily than husbands.
Or I just really like the blue part of the play-dough ice cream...
Someone posted this picture on social media today,
I giggled and thought this is so true!!
So be happy and be you,
Sometimes that's all you can do in this crazy world:)
And really,
I think this quote should say,
"You can't make everyone happy. You are not pizza or play-dough ice cream."
Now I'm hungry and at work, haha:)

- Chelsie C.

P.s tomorrow is Friday just in case you were wondering, YAY!!:D

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