Monday, May 4, 2015

Tulips Make Me Happy

On Wednesday,
We took a girls day to Utah to go shopping
And see the tulip festival!:)
It was SO much fun!!:)
These are the kind of trips that even
Though it's a day trip,
You still have to pack an extra pair of undies,
Because you always have THAT much fun!;)
I was a BEAUTIFUL day!!
Here are some pictures from our adventure!:)
We were in a shoe store and Ellie kept running
Over to this "table" and saying,
When the shoe guy walked past her she was a little disappointed that he hadn't brought her some
Snacks to eat!
Haha, it was a perfect "table" for her:)
 Ellie also got a free balloon and kept saying,
"Ellie balloon, no touch!!"
 Alex asked me to watch the stroller while she
Tried on some clothes,
So I took advantage of taking a "mom picture" with the stroller, haha:D
Tulip's are my favorite flowers,
I was so excited to see this banner!:)
 Some of my favorites:)
Alex suggested we take a picture
Like we were straight from
The Sound of Music,
I thought it turned out pretty fantastic;)
The secret garden,
This was an awesome part of the festival:)
I have more picture on my phone of
Madie after the tulip festival,
Than I do of anyone,
This was one of my favs:)
 Alex kept saying she didn't know where to put her hands,
So she just decided to jazz it up in all the photos, haha!:D
Good thing we couldn't see Alex's hands in this photo...
Ellie finally woke up and joined the party!:)
We ended the trip with cookies from
The Sweet Tooth Fairy,
A.k.a the greatest place a person can buy cookies!!
Then we walked across the street to
In and Out Burger,
In other words,
I rode home with my pant button undone;)
It was so much fun,
I'm so glad it all worked out for all of us to go:)
If you haven't been to the tulip festival,
This is the last full week it's open!
You must go,
And then get cookies afterwards;)

Happy Monday:)

- Chelsie C.

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