Monday, May 11, 2015

A Family Filled Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend,
Mostly because we got to go home and spoil our moms:)
Husband and I decided to get crafty and make
Our moms a gift,
Instead of buying them something.
We put together a edible bouquet,
Filled with lots of chocolate dipped strawberries
And blueberries!:)
It didn't look like the pros,
But I snuck a few strawberries,
And they were delish;)
I wish I would have taken a picture,
But most of them were eaten before I thought of it, ha!

Saturday my family went out to dinner at
Olive Garden to celebrate my Mom!:)
And can I just say,
Wow, have I missed those delicious bread sticks!!
I tried taking some pictures with Sam,
You know to remember the good times and
The delicious bread sticks!
Haha, we got a few good ones;)
That night we all stayed at my parents,
It was so much fun:)
We spent the night learning ballet from Ellie!
I only recorded Ellie and Sam doing it,
But each of us took turns being commanded by
Ellie to do ballet!
I had tears streaming down my face,
It was hilarious to watch all the boys to ballet!:D
My favorite part is at the end,
Ellie would say,
"Take a bow!"
The next morning we did a breakfast
At my parent's house,
So we could do a dinner at the Cannon's house:)
Sam and I bought these straws for the breakfast,
They were so cute,
We couldn't resist!!:)
We had so much fun at the Cannon's the rest of the day!:)
Papa Cannon had been out of town the whole week,
So Sam and I got to prepare most of the meal,
It was a lot of fun:)
We also decorated a HUGE card for Momma Cannon,
Got to skype family,
And just got to be together:)
It truly was an awesome weekend being able to spoil our Mom's:)

I have been blessed with two amazing women in my life:)
They each have built a home centered around Christ,
And I hope that someday I can become just like them:)

I love you Momma Hawker and Momma Cannon,
Happy Mother's Day!:)

- Chelsie C.

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  1. I love your posts. I am crying, though, because I am pinching myself so hard.. how did I get so lucky to have such amazing kids?! Wow!!! I am so blessed. Thanks for spoiling me... which you always do! <3 you! Momma C


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