Monday, September 14, 2015


Sam and I just returned from one of the greatest adventures:)
{and happiest places on earth }

I have been wanting to go to Disneyland ever since Sam and I got married!
I really wanted to go for our honeymoon,
Because lets face it,
I really wanted to wear the bride and groom Mickey ears!!:)
But we got married right after Christmas,
And we knew it would be really bad timing on our part if we
Went during the Christmas rush.
So we finally decided to make plans for this summer and take a trip to California!:)

Our trip only got better when we found out
Joe and Emily would be able to come with us!:)
Through many google hangout sessions we finally got the plans worked out, hotel booked, tickets bought, and we were ready to set out on our adventure!:)
 We took this photo as we were leaving my parents house Sunday morning,
Officially on our way to California!:)
My parents left a scavenger hunt for us in our car,
We had to finally pull our car over and finish the scavenger hunt because they had us going back and forth from the front of the car to the back, haha!
It was so fun and it truly got us in the spirit of channeling our inner 10 year-old self for Disney:)
 We picked up Joe and Em in Provo and continued our journey to
St. George for the night!
We stayed with our Grandma Joy and Caren
And it was honestly the best part of the whole vacation!
We had the best dinner with them, laughed until our sides hurt, and they got us even more excited for California:)
The weather was so perfect when we got to St. George I had to take a picture!
 The next morning { monday } we officially were California bound!:)
The traffic was NUTS but we stayed entertained with multiple episodes of Full House!
When we finally passed the "Welcome to California" sign
We had finally made it!!
I'm going to be honest here,
I was expecting palm trees and the ocean
As soon as we crossed the border,
So I was surprised to see nothing but desert for awhile, haha!
But eventually we entered some civilization;)
 This was my favorite sign along the way,
Zzyzx Rd...the exit that lead you to more desert...
I would just like to add that I bought a delicious bag of peaches for the trip.
And before we got to the border I threw them away because I figured we would get stopped and border patrol would make me toss them anyways.
We just drove on through and I just left my peaches behind...
 We finally made it to our hotel and it was a sigh of relief that I hadn't directed Sam in any wrong direction along the way, haha!
 This was my first sight of Disney, you could say I was freaking out and trying to keep cool in the hotel lobby!
 Sam told me he would only come to California if he could go to an
Angel's game;)
They are his favorite and the game was awesome!:)
 It was perfect weather for a baseball game!
The Angel's were playing the Dodger's,
So it was a great game to go to!:)
 Sam and I always go for opposite teams,
So there is always someone who has to do the dishes;)
Luckily the Dodgers won,
So the game was in my favor, haha:)
 As the sun went down,
It honestly got warmer so we decided to buy some ice cream!
It was some of the best I've ever had and we got a cute little souvenir hat:)
 We had a great time at the game,
It was a perfect way to kick off our vacation!:)
After the game we walked to a Denny's for some late night dinner,
And quickly got back to our hotel.
Because the next day was...
 Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early,
Ate breakfast, and got to the park!
Luckily we booked a hotel that was located right by the
Toy Story parking lot,
So we just walked a few blocks and got on a tram,
It was so nice that we didn't have to pay for parking or any type of transportation!
Our first ride was PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!
One of my all time favorites!
I really felt my inner 10 year-old self coming out at this point,
It was so magical being at Disney:)
 Tuesday was a beautiful day!:)
We were able to hit every ride we wanted to,
But we mostly hit Splash Mountain because it was so hot I really thought we were going to die!
Apparently it was an all time high for California...we were feeling it!
 It's a Small World,
The air conditioning was amazing on this ride, haha;)
 Em, Joe, and Sam rocked this ride!!
Me on the other hand,
Not so good, haha!!
After the 5th time going on it I finally figured out
Where they took our picture,
So I stopped shooting my gun and decided to just do a
Great pose for the camera, ha!
 We would always forget to coordinate our picture
Until right before going over the fall,
So they always turned out something like this;)
We had so much fun and stayed in the park from when it
Opened until basically close!
I had never tried a Dole Whip before
And it seriously was a highlight of the day!
We headed back to the hotel and got ready for round two,
We were headed to California Adventures the next day!:)
 Wednesday {day two} was SO HOT!!!
We were there right when the park opened
And they dropped the rope to let everyone enter the park:)
We immediately ran over to Radiator Springs to get our fast passes
And see what Cars Land had to offer!
These apple freezes from the Cozy Cone were AMAZING
And helped us make it through a hot hot day!
 Midway Mania was my favorite ride of the day,
It was a stinking blast!:)
The weather finally got overcast and we were all able to cool off a bit!
Highlights of the day were:
Soarin over California, Aladdin, a speared pineapple, a free drink, and California Screamin!
We ended our day back at Radiator Springs,
We were standing in the street when all the lights turned on,
It was so magical:)
 I'm serious when I say that I lived at the cozy cone, this was my place!
When the trip was all said and done,
Sam and I agreed that California Adventures
 Was our favorite part of the trip!:)
It was a blast and the atmosphere was so fun!!
 Our last day {thursday} we decided to spend it back at Disneyland:)
We rode all the rides again and got on the few we had missed the first day!
We even rode all the rides we could in Fantasyland,
It was such a blast!:)
We took some time this day to walk through the castle
And do some shopping!
 Of course we had to ride,
It's a Small World again because the air condition was just that good!;)
We decided to use our Magic Morning the last day since the park
Was closing a little earlier.
For some reason we had all over looked the time it started,
So when we got to the park we had about a 10 minute magic morning,
Haha but we got some pictures by the castle and had a good laugh:)
It was such a fun trip and we were so glad Joe and Em were able to come with us!
It's so good to know that we have family that will come on our crazy adventures with us:)
 Friday morning we packed our bags and said goodbye to California!
It was so hard to leave but we were taking such wonderful memories back with us!:)
We drove all the way back to Provo and it was a lonnnngggggg drive!
But there wasn't any traffic and we continued our Full House marathon!
Eventually we made it to Provo and met up with the rest of the Cannons:)
We were headed to a BYU football game the next day!
It was so fun to see everyone!
At the mall on Saturday I came across the Disney store and just went inside to feel some of the magic again:)
Clearly I didn't know where the camera was...
I had never been to a BYU football game before,
So I was feeling the excitement!!
My sister-in-law Alice scored us some sweet tickets,
She works in the sports area at BYU!
BYU came back strong at the end and won,
It was an awesome game!:)
Sunday morning we packed our car back up again and traveled home.
It was a much needed vacation and we made so many fun memories:)
We have been planning our next vacation ever since we got home,
Can't wait to see where our next adventure takes us!:)

If you haven't ever seen Jim Gaffigan's video on Disney,
You should watch it here:)

- Chelsie C.

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  1. You are so good! Thanks for documenting this! Spending time with you guys was the highlight of our year!!


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