Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hi September

I can't believe it's September already!!
This is always a fun part of the year
Leading into the holidays:)
We enjoyed our last week of August and welcomed September in with a BANG!

We spent the weekend up in the mountains.
It was beautiful:)
Sam and I have always said that when
We are old and retire,
We are moving to the mountains and living in a cabin!
I can't wait for that day:)
 My mom's birthday is on September 1st!
I have always loved that because we always begin September with a celebration!:)
Our family all met up for a yummy
Dinner at Olive Garden.
I think the best part was when the waiter gave us TONS of extra mints because it was my mom's birthday,
 Ellie kept wanting to wear my "jungle hat"
So we decided to just switch
And I wore her bow and she wore my hat!
She was running around Olive Garden
Having the time of her life,
Ellie is defiantly one of my most favorite humans ever:)
So here's to September adventures:)

Chelsie C.  

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