Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I love the month of December,
Although it's very chilly here in Idaho,
I can't help but feel warm the entire season within my heart!:)
The month of November was a tough one,
Sam and I had some hard days,
But within those hard days we found so much happiness and gratitude!
I know the Lord is mindful of each of us, And I am so grateful that the Christmas season is centered around our Savior and His birth:)
Sam and I pulled out a calendar and realized we have something going on everyday,
Why are Decembers so busy?!
I hope this holiday season doesn't pass too quickly though,
Because us Cannons have a fireplace and I have plans to sit next to it with my lover and drink hot chocolate:)
Oh, and egg nog!!
This month us Cannons get to celebrate our TWO year anniversary!:)
I love that I get to share this life with Sam, He works so hard, Makes life an adventure, And makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world:)
He bought our anniversary trip And gave it to me for my birthday, I can't wait to go and celebrate!! We bought our first christmas tree, And I'm in love with it, Especially when it's plugged in And I have a good book to read:)
This post had some intention behind it, I think it was mostly to get me out of doing the dirty dishes in my sink!;)
I hope you have a wonderful December!
- Chelsie C.


Thanks For Stopping By:)