Sunday, February 14, 2016


Today after church as I was waiting for Sam, I was standing at the front doors looking out and noticed a house across the street.
It appeared they had been "heart attacked" by someone,
You know, someone had anonymously decorated their door with hearts to make them feel loved:)
My thoughts instantly turned to my little babe growing big and strong inside of me and I thought of a tradition I wanted to begin!
Sam finally found his way to the door and as we were walking to the car I pointed out the door across the street.
I told Sam that every Valentines Eve we should heart attack our children's doors while they are sleeping so they can wake up feeling so loved:)
Even when they are teenagers and think they are too cool for dad and mom,
There doors will be heart attacked:)
I've also had another thought running through my head ever since 
We found out about our little babe.
Sam and I are experiencing our "lasts" as just a family of two.
All of the holidays ahead will be spent as a family of three and that just puts a smile on my face!:)
Sam and I have felt like a little someone has been missing from our lives for so long that we can hardly wait for August to get here and meet our little babe!
Today I am 14 weeks on the 14th,
Six months from today we will be meeting our little babe (HOPEFULLY!)
Baby Cannon is the size of a lemon and I'm anxiously awaiting feeling those first kicks!
Sam and I are so excited to find out the gender in the next couple of weeks and are defiantly feeling boy vibes...which probably means were having a girl, haha!
We love our sweet little love bug!:)
I love you so much.
I can't imagine a single day without you and I'm so grateful to have you as
My friend, husband, and eternal companion:)
I'm usually one to be on the go all the time but this pregnancy has slowed me way down
Because I'm tired ALL the time!
I had heard about people being tired during pregnancy and just didn't understand,
NOW I understand, haha! You can always find me on the couch snoozing!
Sam has been so great doing everything around our apartment and everything for me,
He is a real sweetheart and I am so appreciative for everything he does for me!:)
I am so lucky to have such a patient, loving, and kind husband like Sam,
Forever has only begun:)
Happy Love Day Lovers!:)
Sam and I are sharing a heart baker pizza...
And by share I mean we ate the entire thing in one sitting!
It was delicious and being in the shape of a heart only made it more delicious!;)
I hope you are spending this day with those you love most!:)

- Chelsie C.

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  1. We are SOOOOO excited for you guys! I loved reading these posts about you finding out and just feeling the excitement of it all. Happy 14 weeks! We can't wait for August either! Keep enjoying those couch snoozes. :)


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