Monday, March 7, 2016


...How we wonder what you are:)
Yesterday Sam and I had a gender reveal party with our families!
We found out the gender of our sweet little babe earlier last week but we kept it a secret so we could surprise everyone at the same time!:)
We are thrilled to announce,
We are SO excited and feel so very blessed that a little baby girl will be joining our family in August:)

Sam and I were 99.9% sure we were having a little boy from the time we found out we were expecting!
Up until the day of our appointment I was feeling all the boy vibes we even had the name picked out and everything
(sorry baby girl, ha!).
Before we went into the ultrasound I drank a bottle of orange juice
Hoping it would get the baby moving around,
And our babe was being so shy!
She was waving her hands all over the place but wouldn't uncross her legs!
The ultrasound tech was able to finally get baby to move around a bit and got a clear shot!
I wish I could have recorded Sam's face when the ultrasound tech exclaimed,
We got a lot of cute pictures of our babe,
Most of which are her with her hands all over the place, haha!
She is not afraid to wave and say hello:)

Yesterday we had a party with our families and it was so fun to share the news with everyone!:)
Sam and I made some cupcakes with pink baked into the middle and had our cute baby outfit wrapped!
It was pretty evenly divided of who thought baby was going to be a girl or boy!
Everyone was so surprised to bite into their cupcakes and see PINK!!
It was such a fun evening celebrating Baby Cannon!:)

We can't wait for August!!!
We love our little babe so much and feel so blessed to have this sweet spirit joining our family:)


- Chelsie C.

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  1. So exciting! I was thrilled to find out you're having a little girl. It sounds like the reveal party was super fun. Congrats, you two!


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