Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Want To Get To Know You

I have been completely obsessed with reading Biographies!!
Usually I am a Christian Fiction kind of gal,
But I think I've actually read every book in that category,
Come oooooooooon,
Everyone loves those sappy love stories where John saves Katie from a near death experience,
And then they get married and live happily ever after!!
(p.s sappy is my middle name, LOVE that kind of stuff!)

So as I have been diligently searching for a
Good book to read,
I have come across so many I would love
To share with all of you:)
Look down at your hands!!
Make sure you see spare time all over them,
Because you wont be able to put these books down!!
Little Green Apples:)
This first book was written by a wonderful
Lady in my ward!
This story is of her son Justin,
Who battled Evan's Syndrome throughout his life.
This book truly shows the tangible evidence of God's love for us:)
Heaven Is Here:)
This book has been very popular ever since it came out,
And it's actually my second time reading it,
And defiantly not my last!
Stephanie Nielson writes about an airplane crash her husband and her were in,
And leaves you with an incredible message of hope, joy, and a new perspective on life!
If you want to read a book about a truly amazing woman,
This Biography of Camilla Kimball should be at the
Top of your list!
There are so many wonderful women in the LDS Church
That we can turn to, to learn from!
The Burning Within:)
Another story from a woman who was in a
Fatal place crash.
Sometimes these books are so hard to read,
But the message you are left with is lasting and unforgettable!

So those are some of my current favorites:)
As Fall is approaching,
I hope you all can find a good book to curl up with:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.

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