Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday

Thanks GOODNESS!!!:)

I've seriously been waiting for this day since Monday,
Glad you're here Friday.

Here are my thoughts about today,
Since today is move-in-day at BYU-Idaho and I mostly just want to cut the cord on my phone at work,
{ but seriously }

+ currently there is a mob in the kimball and president clark is the person everyone wants in their selfies. i'm enjoying the view from my desk!

+ my sister moves up to college today, i may cry. so beyond excited to have her here in rexy.

+ i've been craving mcdonalds every day this week. hey sam, i know whats for dinner:)

+ i pin a lot of baby things on pinterest, cant help it, it's all so cute!
{ no us cannons are not expecting if you are wondering, cause i know you are thinking it!}

+ our apartment complex cut the cable and i'm pretty upset because the miss america competition is on sunday.
{ sam is not upset }

+ sam is upset that he can't watch byu football though.
{ i am not upset, haha }

+ i really like cherry coke. invest people, invest.

+ my husband is picking me up from work, i feel like a supermodel when he does that.

+ i like fridays.

Have an awesome weekend!!
Oh and invite me over to watch miss america,
I make great caramel corn:)

Stay Classy Lovers;)

- Chelsie C.

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