Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm a Homemaker

Sam and I have been gone from our
Apartment for the last little bit,
And I have missed our tiny hole in the wall.
As we have taken the time to dress this little apartment with pictures and things that say
"Family" all over the walls,
This little place has slowly come to feel like home:)

When Sam and I were first married,
I tried out a new recipe that I had loved
Devouring as a child!
My Mom gave me the goods,
And I worked hard to prepare a top-notch dinner
For Sam and I.
When I finished,
And took the first bite of that delicious casserole,
I was pleased:)
I later messaged my Mom a picture of dinner and told her how delish the feast had been,
And how excited I was that I could actually cook something besides a frozen burrito!
My Mom responded back,
"I knew you had it in you all along,
Maybe you just needed your own kitchen to start creating."

I have almost been married for eight months now,
And I can truly say that I have enjoyed every second more than I thought possible:)
I have enjoyed diving into this new role people call,
A Homemaker:)
I am excited for the dreams I am pursuing,
And for the college degree I will soon hold in my hands,
But nothing will ever top the happiness of being a homemaker brings to me:)

Cooking in our small kitchen,
Doing the endless loads of laundry,
Cleaning and tiding up the apartment,
Anticipating Sam's arrival through the door,
And dreaming endlessly of the day babies will allow us to expand what that word, 
Truly means as it hangs on our walls,
Is what I live for and strive for each and every day:)

I love being a wife.
A homemaker.
I love that this is the role I get to indulge in:)
I am happy to be Chelsie Cannon,
And to call Sam my Lover:)
- Chelsie C.

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