Monday, July 13, 2015

Adventures From Last Week

Last week was a BLAST!:)
Husband and I took on some fun adventures,
And it just reminded me once again of how lucky I am
To call Sam my guy:)

Our adventures started Tuesday when we were asked to be on a marriage panel for mutual for the  Young Women!
There was an older couple that had
Been married for 50+ years,
A middle aged couple that had been married 15 years,
And then Sam and I:)
The girls came up with such fun questions to ask us,
And I really just loved talking about my Sam and the life we have created together:)
One of the girls asked which way the
Toilet paper faces in our homes,
I exclaimed,
"I wish I could tell you, Sam never replaces the
toilet paper after it runs out!"
The panel just reminded me how fun marriage is and how blessed I am to share forever with Sam,
Even if he forgets to replace the toilet paper sometimes;)

On Friday we bought tickets for the drive-in to see Minions and Jurassic World!:)
I had never been to the drive-in here in Rexburg and it was SO much fun!:)
We invited our friends Harry and Alisa to come with us,
And between our two cars we were laughing so hard!!
Minions is must!:)
I wish I could give more a review on Jurassic World,
But Sam and I fell asleep through most of it, ha!
It was such a fun summer night though,
Drive-in's are kind of my new favorite thing!!
Sometimes through all the craziness of school and work,
It's nice to have a week where you eat a lot of cookie dough ice cream and spend time with your best friend:)

I think the only thing that would have made last week the,
Is if Pretty Little Liars would have been on!
I didn't get the memo that there was no episode last week,
It was a very dramatic moment in the Cannon household, haha!;)

Husband and I have two weeks left of school,
And then the real adventures begin!:)
We are excited to have a break and spend our summer together:)

Happy Monday Lovers!:)

- Chelsie C.

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  1. Love this! Hehe, don't tell Dad Cannon about the toilet paper roll. Ask Sam to tell you about the lectures we had about replacing the toilet paper roll. hehehe. So happy for your last week of class for the summer! We love you!!


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