Monday, July 20, 2015

The Gang Is Married

I have had the GREATEST friends growing up!:)
I have never had to worry about being in sticky situations or dealing with drama,
I have always been able to by myself,
And have ALWAYS and forever had the greatest support from my friends!:)

On Friday,
The last of the gang was married off!:)
It was so special being together in the temple as friends with our husbands,
And seeing Tanece and Rhett be married:)
All I could think as I was sitting in the temple was,
"We did it:)!"
All those late night talks of finding a tall, dark, and handsome husband,
Getting married in the temple,
And attending each others weddings,
It finally happened:)
I never thought we all would actually grow up and
Move past high school,
But we did and it's been fun to see where our individual adventures have taken us:)

The gang doesn't get together very often
Because of our busy schedules,
But when we do the public better WATCH OUT!!!
Because it's just like old times and like we have only been separated for 5 minutes!
We are always laughing and catching each other up on the good times:)

One thing that I have always loved about Tanece is that she was always there for each of us,
She never let us down,
You could always count on her to make a trip to town with you or do something at the spur of the moment!
I am so glad Tanece found someone that makes her so happy and that compliments her so well:)
I can't wait to see where Tanece and Rhett's adventures take them:)
I stole this picture from another person
That was at the wedding,
Because it is just so stinking cute!:)
They were beaming from ear to ear when they came out of the temple!
We really are best friends because we each got married during a different season!
Holly got married in the Spring,
Kallie in the Fall,
Me in the Winter,
And Tanece in the Summer!
If that doesn't say best friends,
I don't know what does, haha!:)
 Here's those tall, dark and handsome husbands I was talking about:)
At the luncheon,
Tanece's Dad got up and said a little something something,
And it was so sweet:)
He talked about a quote that hung in one of his children's home that said,
"Together forever, no matter what."
My eyes just filled up with tears because
That quote is so true!
I am so grateful that I have my Sam to call mine forever, no matter what,
And that all of my friends have found that
As well in their spouse.
It was a beautiful day,
And I am so grateful for great friends:)

- Chelsie C.

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