Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Today is my most favorite day of the year:)
Today is my sweet husband, Sam's birthday!!!
 We started the festivities yesterday and had some homemade Cafe Rio to kick off the birthday celebration:)
I got everything all set up the night before so Sam could wake up to his birthday surprises!!
 I'm sure you can see the pink cake by now...
Sam wanted strawberry flavored frosting for his birthday,
And being the awesome wife that I am;)
I didn't really think through the color until I was half-way done frosting, Haha!!
So a pink cake it was:)
 There's my handsome 23 year-old husband:)
 We started off his birthday morning off with some doughnuts, eggs, bacon, and his all time favorite...
Sam had to work all day on his birthday,
So I made sure to surprise him with balloons and a yummy lunch:)
 We ended his birthday in Idaho Falls with some Texas Roadhouse!:)
All Sam really wanted on his birthday was a steak;)
We drove around Idaho Falls for a bit and headed back to our apartment for some cake and ice cream!
We FaceTimed some family and sang to Sam multiple times:)
When we were in Disneyland,
Sam mentioned that one of his favorite rides was
Tower of Terror!
I found the old Disney, Tower of Terror movie
And gave it to him for his birthday,
So we ended the night with that:)
Our brother-in-law Joe made this awesome picture
With some of the Cannon family!
This is from the movie,
If you haven't seen this Disney classic,
You are missing out!!!
I seriously want this framed,
It is too funny and classic!:)
Momma Cannon sent me this sweet picture of Sam:)
This was taken when he turned one,
He was just the cutest little babe:)

I love you so much Sam:)
Here is to another wonderful year!!!

- Chelsie C.

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  1. The pink cake is perfect! So glad you guys were able to celebrate and enjoy yourselves even with school and work. I totally want to see the Tower of Terror movie now!!


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