Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today I had my BIG 20 week appointment!
Sam and I were so excited for this appointment because we were having an ultrasound which meant we were going to see our baby girl and how much she had grown!:)
And YES,
The ultrasound tech did in fact confirm that we were having a girl,
So excuse me while I order anything and everything pink, YAY!:)
When we checked in for our appointment,
Everyone kept saying, "Ohhhhhhhhh it's the big appointment today!!"
These comments made Sam and I even more anxious to get in and see our babe!
This ultrasound was so so neat!
When the ultrasound tech would point out what we were seeing,
All we could say was,
The ultrasound tech measured our baby, her brain, her heart,
And all the fluid that surrounds her!
So far in my pregnancy I haven't felt a thing!!!
I've been slightly worried because so many people would tell me that I should feel something at this point in my pregnancy and I haven't been able to.
Doc told us today though that my placenta is anterior, which is why I haven't been able to feel any movement thus far in the pregnancy,
And that the placenta is muffling all the baby's kicks and movements.
So being able to see our baby today moving and waving hello put my heart at ease:)
I'm anxious to feel those first kicks and hope they come around sooner rather than later!
All is well though,
Baby girl is growing and looking cute as ever!:)
Have I mentioned how excited we are to meet her?!
Look at that cute little foot!!
We just love her:)

- Chelsie C.

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  1. She looks just like you two! ;) The 20 week ultrasound is incredible, and I do love these photos you got. Hooray for being halfway to meeting the little princess. Tiffany is a really pretty name. Ha!


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