Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Alex and Eleanor

oh heyyyyyyy!
my name is alex,
my little girl is eleanor,
and chelsie asked us to share a little somethin-somethin with you guys today for part of her fashion week!

today eleanor and i decided to share with you our outfit selections that we would wear on a date night with our main man, daddy!
something that i found out when i became a mom is that you start looking at clothing a little differently when you find yourself chasing an active little 1 year old. :)
you also have to provide comfortable, playful
(and might i add, cute!)
clothes for your little one.
so that's what we have done today!

eleanor is sporting the cutest black and white polka dot shorts
layers of ruffles on her top,
a comfy/stretchy striped blazer (gifted),
a homemade headband and her saltwater sandals.

i am wearing a top from zara
that provides enough movement and stretch that i can still function as a mother,
a necklace i got for my birthday,
stretchy skinny jeans (american eagle),
and a cute pair of heels that are not too high so i can still successfully chase my little girl when she decides to become a runaway at dinner. :)

when i go shopping,
i look for sales
(many of these items we are wearing
we got for killer prices on killer sales),
i look for comfort,
i look for a good price,
i look to make sure the item is not dry clean only,
and i look for something that still looks flattering on me.
but one of the biggest things i look for is to make sure i am purchasing a neutral
piece that can go with more than one thing.
i actually wore my top and shoes
at my sister's wedding last month,
and here i am today dressing it down with jeans!
that necklace just dressed up a t-shirt the other day,
making me feel just a little more put together.
every item i am wearing could go with numerous combinations of outfits i can think up,
which is perfect for me because when i wanna feel like i'm wearing something new,
the first thing i do is shop my closet. 

so if i could recommend one shopping tip,
it is to find versatile items of clothing that you can wear many different ways.

happy shopping ladies!

and now,
for your viewing pleasure,
some added narration from taking fashion pics with a 1 year old.
pretty fun.

there are some kill deer (birds)
that live in our front yard and ellie loves to make animal noises
(usually the monkey noise)
at them.
it's hilarious.
(she started to try to run away in this pic...)
(but like i said, i'm super fast in these shoes!)
(selfie! since it's hard to have both of us looking at the camera otherwise.)
(the timer went off so we had to run back inside and check on dinner.)
(aaaaaaaaand that's all ya get, folks! apparently this little one needed a love after the few minutes of daddy paparazzi! :)
- Alex and Eleanor
My sister-in-law Alex,
And my cute niece Ellie are the greatest!:)
I love them both and their awesome sense of fashion!
True story,
One time I tried to borrow Ellie's clothes...
Needless to say,
It didn't turn out how I planned!;)

I'm super glad these two were able to guest post today!:)
You can check out Alex's blog here!
As well as her photography blog right here!
Head on over ladies and gents!:)

Because I love you all so much,
The summer lovin' question will give you,
Additional entires into the giveaway instead of three!!
You can thank me later!;)
So you will want to make sure to comment on this post today to ensure you get those last few entries in before the giveaway closes tomorrow!!
Here is your summer lovin' question for today!!
* What is your favorite summer accessory?! *
Is it your sandals?
Sun glasses?
A cute beach hat??
Tell me below!:)

Catch ya tomorrow for our last Fashion Week post!:)
Thanks for tuning in each day,
I've had a lot of fun with this!:)
See ya tomorrow Lovers!!

- Chelsie C.


  1. SANDALS. There is nothing better than finding the perfect summer sandals. I found mine a few weeks ago and have lived in them since! I have to remind myself to take them off when I get home!

  2. I love hats! The bigger the hat, the better. :)

  3. My polka dot sunglasses and flip flops! :)

  4. Definitely sandals!!! :) I would probably die if I didn't have sandals in the summer! :)

  5. Definitely the shorts! I like to go barefoot :)

  6. Sun glasses or I would go blind!! Haha(:

  7. Hat for sure!! There is somethin bout the perfect summa hat!

  8. Love these two! I love my fedora that I picked up from Maurices. It's kinda a bit of lace on it that seems to dress up whatever I'm wearing it with, and it means I don't have to wear shades everywhere I go!

  9. A good pair of sandals and some long comfy shorts. Bam. It's all I really need.


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