Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fashion Week Has Been Awesome!!

Ladies and Gents,
I just want to thank you for being apart of my very first,
I have had a ton of fun with it,
And I hope all of you have too!:)

Today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite summer finds!:)
I seriously LOVE summer,
And look forward to it every year!:)
I'm kind of a shoe freak,
So today I'll be sharing a few of my favorite shoe finds,
As well as my favorite summer dress,
And of course hat!:)
Let's do this!!
Rexburg's K-Mart is closing,
Everything is like 70% off,
These were both a steal of a deal,
And they are SO SO comfy!:)
I also got this new nail polish from K-Mart,
Kind of obsessed with the mint color these days!
Can you blame me?!
I love this summer dress I found!
It's from a little shop in Rexburg called LuLu Bella!:)
They seriously have the cutest things there!!
I have to have some serious self control when I shop there!;D
I found this hat in Vegas from a random vendor,
But it's my fav!:)
These heels changed my life!:)
I bought them for the wedding from,
Are you ready for this?!
The sports store!
I came across them and had to have them!:)
I am finding out that these heels are great for any season and any occasion!:)
They are SO comfy,
And can dress up any summer outfit,
Or night out on the town with the husband!:)

Well Lovers,
That's all I've got for ya!:)
I hope you have enjoyed each of the guest bloggers and their fun posts!:)
I know that I have!!:)

The giveaway will close tonight at midnight,
And the winner of the giveaway will be announced Monday morning!:)
So hurry and get your answers to the posts in,
And like the photos on Instagram,
For your maximum entries into the giveaway!:)

Here is your last summer lovin' question!:)
* What is your favorite summer store/vendor?! *
Tell me below for three additional entries!
Mine is currently!
It's seriously the best!:)
But I think I've already mentioned that a million times,

Catch you Monday Lovers!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.


  1. Your dress is gorgeous (and totally loving the hat and heels)! :D I love Trendy Xchange and Downeast Basics!

  2. Lulu Bella is a top fave of mine for sure!

  3. I LOVE Target all year but I love it even more in the summer time!

  4. So cute!!! I need every single one of those items in my life!! Haha :) I like Windsor and I love LuluBella and oh man I could go on with stores I love for summer!! Old Navy too! Ha :)

  5. I love bohme!!! Favorite place for sure!!!

  6. I know that it closed already, but I will answer anyways :) I love Trendy Exchange all year long!

  7. You should try Brickyard Buffalo & Zulily. I Love them both!


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