Friday, June 27, 2014

Six Months of Absolute Bliss

I've been married to my best friend for SIX MONTHS now!!:)
Ladies and Gents,
That's half a year!!
I can't even believe how fast time has gone!
I sure have enjoyed every part of this adventure with my Sam:)

I'm not going to lie,
I look at our wedding pictures EVERY DAY!!
I'll be sitting on the couch,
Look over at Sam and say,
"Look at this picture, I love it!:)"
Sam is also so kind to reply,
"I love that picture too!!"
With much enthusiasm like he hasn't seen the picture everyday for the past six months!!

I'm still in shock that I am married to my best friend,
That I'm a Cannon,
And that everyday I get to wake up next to Sam:)
I am blessed.

I just wanted to share some pics that I've been starring at more than usual lately,
I'm obsessed!:)
Our first few steps as Mr. and Mrs. Cannon!:)
Have you seen these before?!
But I love all the memories that come with them!:)

December 27th, 2013,
My most favorite day!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie C.

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