Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meet Alice

Let's face it.
Finding a swimming suit that is cute,
And doesn't break the bank is nearly impossible. 
It is such a struggle!
For me,
They are either too low,
Too plain,
Or too expensive!
But 95% of the time, 
It is a bikini.

About a year ago,
I was faced with a dilemma.
I had just found out that I was moving to Aspen Grove,
And one of the requirements was that I needed a one-piece swimsuit!
I only owned a two piece suit!
I  was madly searching the internet
for a one-piece swimsuit,
That had shorts instead of the normal one-piece.
I had always worn boy shorts,
So I figured it wouldn't be that hard to find a swimsuit with boy shorts, all in one!
I spent at least 5 hours
par-oozing the internet for swimsuits.
I was so frustrated that I wanted to cry.
It shouldn't be that hard to find a swimming suit!
All the searching paid off,
And I stumbled across a website that has forever changed the way I
Look at swim suit shopping!
Seriously, though.

This site had HUNDREDS of cute and unique swim suits!

They were modest!
I ordered my favorite one!
It was a one piece swimsuit that had shorts and cute ruffles on it!
Everywhere that I went,
People commented on how cute it was,
And wondered where I had gotten it from! 


I just wanted to live in my swimsuit.
It was so comfortable, cute, and modest!
This year,
When it came time to find another swimsuit,
I wanted to find another one piece suit,
But the blue one had set a really high bar for the suit I was going to buy this year.

I ended up ordering two suit tops from

Victoria's Secret.
They were each $50,
And I figured I would take back the one that I didn't like.
They came in the mail, and I tried them on.
I HATED them!
I had ordered an XS in both of them,
And neither of them fit right.
Also, they were $50 for a plain black top.
I debated what to do,
And I ultimately decided that they
were not cute at all!
Too expensive, as well!
The swimsuits were only expensive because of the name associated with them.
Such a waste.

I immediately headed to that website I had found and went through

all of their swimsuits!
I ordered a few of them,
And a few weeks later,
They showed up at my doorstep!
I was so in love with them!
These are my two favorite from there!
This one was about $15. 
I got this one for $9!

The only downside is,

That it takes at least 3 weeks to receive the suits,
So you have to think in
advance to purchase the suits.
If you give yourself enough time,
You can even just select the 15-day shipping
{plus the 10 days of processing}
For free!
They have sales quite often,
So you just have to watch the site!

Anyways, it is called Light in the Box!

It can be found here!
They don't have just swimsuits either.
They have lots of everything!
{like wedding dresses.}
I am buying my wedding dress off of that site and then having it altered.
They are so inexpensive!

I also got this one from DownEast for about $40.

It was more than I originally wanted to spend,
But I love the ruffles on it.
{in case you couldn't tell already, I love ruffles!}
Now, for cover-ups.
I had never worn a cover-up before about a year ago when I came across this one at Dillard's.
It had sparkles,
So obviously I had to buy it!
I have it in black and Navy Blue!
This is the secret to shopping in general.
Look all over the store!
In Men's,
The DI,
Thrift Shops,
You will be amazed at what you can find in a store for dirt cheap,
Yet super cute.
Make it your own!

Believe it or not,

These black cover-ups were found at Dillard's in the Women's
PLUS size for $3!
You would never know that,
Except for the fact that I just told you that. 


I found this one at Icing!
Yes, Icing.
The store that has jewelry in it?
That's icing.
It was $2!
The biggest steal of all,
These next four were purchased at Trendy Exchange here in Provo.
It is a store where people sell their clothes,
And then the store re-sells them for a discounted price! 

I found them on clearance for $1.


These two are rompers that people would wear anytime,

But I wear them for cover-ups.
So fun!
The next two are just cute summer dresses that I now wear as a cover-up.
Most people get excited over big things,
But I get overly excited when I find good deals on clothes. 

That is basically my life,

And these are my secrets!
Enjoy the summer shopping, everyone!:)

- Alice:)
I just love my sister-in-law Alice!:)
She is the greatest,
And I'm in love with each of her summer finds!:)
Her Batman swimming suit is my fav!!!

You can check out Alice's blog here!:)
Her photography page on Facebook right here!
And because we all need a little more Alice in our lives,
You can find her on Insta as well!:)
Username: alicejanecannon

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- Chelsie C.


  1. Because of Alice, I shop with Light in the box! I got a swimsuit from there and <3 it! :)

  2. Interest gives me lots of ideas on where to get some supa cute swimsuits!!

  3. And suddenly... i'm shopping for swimsuits. I have favorite black top from Modbe that is well loved! ;) And I love my Roxy board shorts, never swim without them!

  4. Finding a swimming suit that is cute, modest, and doesn't break the bank is nearly impossible for guys as well! It is such a struggle! 95% of the time, the swimsuit I'm in love with turns out to be a speedo. My secret? Wal-mart. You get an awesome swimsuit for a GREAT price. Don't forget to check them out the next time you stop by to grab some lunch meat or cleaning products.

    1. Haha, best comment all day!:D:D:D

    2. Joseph...Sam is influencing you again... I'm growing a little bit concerned about our family trip this summer, with all of us in swimsuits... Love, Mom

  5. Lime Ricki!! That's where I bought my last one!

  6. I stumbled upon my favorite swim shorts when I was on 6pm... one of those random treasures like Alice talked about!

  7. Lime Ricki swimsuits are the most adorable things in the world. They can break the bank though, so you wait until winter and buy that clearance up! Or convince your hubby or mom to buy you one for an "Easter" & "Pre-Wedding" gift ;)


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