Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet Madie

Hey Everybody!
Happy Thursday!
I am super excited about today's post because, I get to be guest posing on Chelsie's blog!

Today I am going to show you one of my favorite summer outfits!
Maxi dresses!!:)
I love maxi dresses because there is so much you can use them for!
For example,
You can use them from a swimming suit cover-up,
To a cute summer dress,
To even a night out on the town!:)
Maxi dresses are awesome because
there are no set rules around styling them!
Add a belt,
Wear flip flops,
Wear boots,
Wear a maxi in the winter,
Wear it in the summer!!
You make the rules!!

Maxi dresses are also nice because their easy to dress up,
Or dressing down,
The choice is yours!!!:)
Maxi dresses are a lifesaver,
You always feel so elegant and feminine!!:)
Here is my current favorite summer maxi!:)
Maxi Dress: Rue 21
Black Shirt: DownEast
Sandals: Macy's

Happy Summer!:)

Madie B:)
Isn't my little sister the cutest?!:)
I love that I have a sister with a great sense of fashion,
It makes borrowing clothes really fun!;)
You can check out Madie's blog here!:)
She is just getting into the blogging world,
And her blog is the cutest!:)
Head on over and check it out!!

Yesterday I promised you that there was more to the giveaway than just the fancy watch!
Along with the watch,
I'll be giving out my favorite summer scent,
Forever Sunshine is my
The winner of the giveaway will choose
if they would like the summer scent in a lotion or body spray!:)
So don't forget to comment below for three additional entries,
And like the photo on Instagram of Madie for one more additional entry for today!:)
This summer giveaway is one you wont want to miss out on!:)

Here is your summer lovin' question for the day!:)
* What is your favorite summer food/recipe?! *
It can be a meal,
A dessert,
Or even a drink you only crave during the summer season!
Let us know!:)

See ya tomorrow Lovers!:)

Chelsie C.


  1. Currently we are loving to BBQ! I love everything we cook on our grill, but every time we have a BBQ party I find myself making Muddy Buddies! Those are my current fave summer treat!

  2. I love limes. Call me weird, but especially in the summer, give me a fresh cut lime and sit me in the grass and I'm in heaven. That scent is seriously my favorite too! I wore it every day in the Arizona sun on my mission!

  3. Hot dogs!! Yummy(: and some watermelon in the side!!

  4. Ice cream cones and snow cones are a summer MUST for me!

  5. Anything cooked in the dutch oven! yum!


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