Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life According to the I-Phone

Life has been crazy,
Always a good kind of crazy:)
Here are some pics to show what us Cannons have been up too!:)

Let's begin clear back at the end of the semester in July shall we?;)
We finished school in July and then ate at Wingers, YUM IN MY TUM!:)
I shared a coke with my BFF:)
Best Friend Tanece got home from her mission!:)
She served in the Manila, Philippines mission!:)
This was a happy moment:)
Then cousin Lillis got home from her mission!:)
She served in the Anaheim, California mission!:)
I couldn't resist,
I took a selfie with her and my Uncle Tracy in the background:)
We ate delicious cupcakes to celebrate 7 months of marriage:)
Thanks Cannon Ladies!:)
We got free tickets to the Idaho Falls Chuckers game!:)
That boy right there is the only reason I sit through baseball games, ha!!
We can't get enough of our Ray-Bans:)
Even if they are the knock-off brand...shhh...
Best Friend date to the Temple:)
P.s the guy who took this picture sealed Sam and I,
I was quite excited in this picture!:)
I took my first Cannon Family Trip!:)
It was amazing!:)
Here's where we went!!!
First we stopped in Provo and did a session in the Provo Temple!:)
LOVE this Temple,
It was an amazing experience:)
Sister-In-Law went through the Temple,
It was amazing as well:)
Oh and it was really bright, ha!!!
We then traveled to Moab, Utah:)
And Papa Cannon is oh so funny:)
Moab was a beauty,
We loved every second!:)
We finally made an appearance at our apartment for the first time all summer:)
We celebrated 8 months of marriage here:)
This Temple is BEAUTIFUL!:)
We went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair!:)
Sam's first time back at it since his mission:)
We tried to take a Cold Stone selfie...
These were my $1 find,
I fell in love quickly:)
And we ended our summer with one last trip to the fair:)
We went to the demolition derby,
It's kind of been our thing since high school:)

I love you Sam:)
Thanks for all the fun memories:)

Chelsie C.

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