Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Today I have been married to the love of my life for 263 days:)

I know what you are thinking,
Totally random number Chels!!
But let me just tell you that I had a countdown for our wedding on my phone,
That is now counting up since the day has come and gone,
And I check this so called countdown every so often,
And today that's the special number:)

Husband and I recently started working new jobs,
And the hours don't always allow us to spend the whole day together,
But I am grateful that we both
Have jobs and we are working:)
Side note...
Getting a job in Rexburg is like trying to fit into a size 6 shoes when you are a size 7...
You could probably do it but it's usually impossible!
{haha, this is too true}

In case most of you don't know,
I like being married to Sam:)
He is seriously the best:)
Whatever I'm doing,
I always think about Sam:)
{currently at work, thinking about sam}

Whether I'm typing on the keyboard and catch a glimpse of my ring,
Or walk past a picture on our wall of us,
Look in the fridge and see that the milk is almost gone due to Sam making chocolate milk or eating excessive amounts of cereal,
Look at my phone to check the time and see a picture of Sam because he is always my background,
Or find the snacks he packed in my purse for work,
I am constantly reminded of December 27th, 2013,
The day I married my best friend for forever:)

I know I blog a lot about Sam,
Our marriage,
And how lucky I am to have him,
But I just cant get over being his wife:)
Chelsie C.

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