Saturday, September 27, 2014

9 Months

It's true:)
Sammie and I have been married
For nine months as of today!:)

These are some of the comments we have been saying to each other today.
"I can't believe today marks nine months!"
"Let's go celebrate at Pizza Pie Cafe!"
{so we did, ha!!}
"We just had our first marriage baby!"
{cause ya know, it's been nine months, ha!!}
"Can you believe it's our 1 year anniversary in three months?!"
"I love you:)"

My sister Madie was so kind to take some
Pictures of us today:)
I don't know if I have l laughed so hard in my life!!!
After eating so much at Pizza Pie Cafe,
It's hard to get yourself off the ground, haha!;D

I'm so glad I have someone like
Sam to share adventures with:)
I am blessed beyond measure being Mrs. Cannon,
And I am so glad today marks nine months of marriage:)
Happy 9 Months my love:)
I'm sure glad you chose me Sam:)
Happy Saturday Lovers:)

Chelsie C.


  1. SO CUTEE!!!! So glad we have you both in the family! <3

  2. You two are as cute as ever! My how the time flies when you're having fun!


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