Monday, September 15, 2014

More Random Thoughts From Yours Truly

+ today i start my "new" job...basically it's my old job but now i work longer and have a bigger chair, yay!!

+ chic-fil-a is now located on campus, i like chicken so see you there.

+ husband got a second job, #feelinggrateful:)

+ sister started school today...official college student, weird.

+ i ran out of hairspray today and had a slight panic attack...first world problems.

+ husband and i are moving soon to a larger place and i can't seem to stay away from the online shops with cute home d├ęcor.

+ my nails are chipped badly and i'm really self conscious working an office job right now.

+ it's basically lunch time and now all i can think about is chicken...

+ my tan is slowly going away, hello blinding white legs.

+ anyone have news on the miss america competition? just kidding, i have it recorded in blackfoot, don't spoil it for me!

+ im attaching my favorite youtube video to get you through the week!
Stay Classy;)
- Chelsie C.


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