Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Here's Another Post About How Much I'm Loving Christmas:)

Actually I just want to know what
Happened to all the snow?!
A few weeks ago there was lots of snow
Here in Sexy Rexy,
Now it's so warm all the snow has melted!
I have mixed feelings about it.
I don't like driving in snowy conditions,
But it's weird watching Christmas movies when it
Looks and feels like Spring outside!
While we are on the topic of Christmas movies,
Pretty sure husband and I have watched all the
ABC Family movies on Netflix!
They all have the same story line it seems like,
But there are some really good ones!:)
What's our favorite you ask?
The Christmas Kiss,
It was so cute:)
Also the Mistletones was really good:)
Because I'm missing the snow today,
I'm posting this picture:)
Haha, this picture makes me laugh!
We were trying to take a picture for our Christmas card,
But we pretty much ended up with freezing hands and Our guts hurting from laughing so hard!
Hopefully this white fluffy stuff gets here before Christmas!:)
I would also like to share this video with all of you:)
May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas,
He is the gift,
Our Savior, Jesus Christ:)
Merry Merry Christmas:)
Chelsie C.

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