Monday, December 22, 2014

Moving Day

Today we officially moved out of our
Very first apartment!
It's been a bittersweet day I must say,
But Sam and I are excited to begin a new adventure
In a new town:)

I can't believe we have been there for almost a year!
I'm still trying to figure out how time goes by so quickly!

It feels weird that we are in a new apartment now.
Yesterday when we were unpacking some stuff,
I just kept telling Sam how crazy it was that
We live here now!
I must say though,
I am in serious love with our new apartment!
Our first apartment though will always be my favorite:)
We put a lot of love into our tiny hole in the wall,
And made it our own:)

I remember right before Sam and I got married,
We would stay up talking about how we were going to decorate OUR apartment:)
We did just that,
And made many memories along the way:)

Our parents always tell us about their very first place,
And I'm excited to tell our children someday about the tiny love shack we lived in!
It's been great:)

Thanks Apartment #312 for being great to us,
We really will miss you and your overheated self;)
Can you tell we have been cleaning all morning?!
Hello Beautiful!!
- Chelsie C.

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