Monday, March 2, 2015

A Letter To My Parents

Over this past year that I have been married,
My appreciation for my parents has grown immensely!
It makes me sad that I was such a teenager in high school
And that I didn't appreciate my time at
Home more with the people I love.
If I could have a re-do on a couple of instances,
I would have done a girls day with my mom
And gone on a daddy-daughter date with my dad,
Instead of hanging with my friends.

Why do we all realize this after we have
Moved out and grown up?!

This past weekend I had to go home to Blackfoot
and Sam couldn't come.
Yes, it was our first time being away from each other for a night for the first time since we got married
one year and two months ago,
That's a record;)
But I really got to spend some
Quality time with my family,
Especially my parents which I loved,
And it was awesome:)

Dad and Mom,
I just want to say thanks:)

Thank you for believing in me,
Thank you for never judging me,
Thank you for supporting me in absolutely everything,
Thank you for raising me in the gospel,
Thank you for your example of a temple marriage,
Thank you mom for always making me feel beautiful,
Thank you dad for setting the highest bar ever so I could find a husband that would treat me as
wonderfully as you did,
Thank you for the financial help you
have given me over the years,
Thank you for the spankings I needed along the way,
Thank you for the food and shelter you
provided for me and my friends,
Thank you for your examples that I hope to
pass onto my children someday,
Thank you for your love,
Thank you for the laughter,
Thank you for your hugs,
Thank you for your patience,
Thank you for all the memories,
Thank you for never giving up on me:)

One of the biggest areas my parents supported
Me in was my hobbies!
I ran cross country in high school and my parents were very much involved with that,
They were the best cheerleaders I could ever ask for:)
After high school I still wanted to pursue running,
So I signed up for a couple of races,
And so did my Mom:)
She joined in on a sport that I love,
And to tell you the truth is a lot better
At running than I am!
But that is something that my Mom and I have been
Able to enjoy together:)
After high school I signed up to run a half marathon,
One day I had a 8 mile run that I had to do.
I had about a mile left when I was feeling exhausted!
Out of nowhere this van pulled up and
My Dad jumped out and said,
He ran that last mile with me,
Just in his street clothes:)
These moments have meant so much to me,
As I have been able to run along side my Mom,
And have my Dad cheering us on along the way:)

I have been blessed with the absolute greatest parents,
And this list just begins to scrape the surface of how wonderful they are:)
I've learned everything I know from my parents
And am forever grateful for the influence
they have had on me:)

I love you Dad and Mom:)
Thank you for everything:) 
I will never put you in a nursing home,
Because Mom,
I know you are really worried about that;)
Chelsie C.

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