Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It Was Always You

A lot of people have asked me the question,
"How did you know?"
"How did you know that Sam was the one?"
I usually tell people,
I didn't.
Sounds weird right?
Let me explain:)

While I was waiting for Sam on his LDS mission,
I wanted so badly for things to work out between us,
But I didn't know how much would change
Between us in two years.
In the course of two years,
I had the chance to grow up and make my own decisions,
Some of those decisions were good ones,
And some not so good,
But I learned from each of the paths I decided to go down.

I would often pray to know what I was supposed to do,
Sometimes multiple times a day.
Some of the questions I had was,
What am I supposed to study in school?
Should I go on a mission?
Will things work out between Sam and I?
What can I do better?

I thought my prayers were going unanswered,
But as I look back,
My prayers were being answered all along the way:)
My Heavenly Father and Savior were
Listening to my prayers,
And they were mindful of me:)

While I received answers to my prayers,
And continued to live my life,
One thing I never stopped praying about was Sam,
I prayed for him daily:)
I prayed for his success,
His safety,
And to let him know that he was loved.
I would occasionally ask in my prayers,
"Will this work out between us?"
Well occasionally turned into frequently,
And as Sam was getting closer and closer to coming home I realized I didn't know if things were going to
Work out between us.
Each of my prayers seemed to be answered with one word,

There is one promise I made to Sam before
He left on his mission,
And it was that I would be here
Patiently waiting for him,
I think Heavenly Father was testing my patience because of the promise I made to Sam, haha!
So I continued in patience,
And knew that I would be here when Sam got
Home from his mission,
But still not knowing if it would work out.

I went to the airport to welcome Sam home,
And the instant that I hugged Sam,
And I mean the instant!!
I KNEW that he was the one:)
I had never had a feeling like that before,
Where I knew with all my heart what
I was supposed to do!

That night when I got home I wondered,
Why couldn't I have felt that feeling of
Surety for the past two years,
Why did I feel so confused at so many points?
That night I realized that I did always know it was Sam,
But I had other desires in the way that made
Me block out the answer.
Should I wait for Sam?
But I really want to go on a mission!
Or, I really want to go do this internship far away!
I was blinded by many of my own desires.
So I continued the best I could in patience,
Until I saw Sam for the first time in
Two years at the airport:)

I didn't always know that Sam was the one,
But as I look back,
The answer was always there:)
I just had to leave my personal desires behind,
So that my Heavenly Father could lead
Me to where I am now:)
I am a wife,
A homemaker,
And a someday mom:)
Yes I could have gone on a mission,
Or moved far away,
Or just gone down a completely different path,
But Heavenly Father had a happiness in store for me that He did not want me to miss out on:)

It was always you Sam Cannon,
Even if I didn't know it until I
Hugged you at the airport:)
I'm glad someone else knew,
And that I had a loving Heavenly Father that
Made sure my path led to you:)

I love you my forever:)

- Chelsie C.

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