Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hi Summer

The other day when I was home alone,
I kept having this urge to go and buy flowers.
I keep a vase on fake lemons on my
table to keep things "fresh"
But I just haven't been digging them lately.
As I went about my day,
I started to notice that we were getting
kinda low on some stuff,
{ ha but not really i just needed an excuse
to go out and buy flowers }
We were low on laundry detergent,
Toilet paper,
Ya know, the essentials
And I thought,
So I went to the store and got some beautiful flowers:)
{ sorry for the low quality photo, it doesn't
do these babies justice }
They just made our apartment complete,
And made me want summer to come right away!:)
So this is your invitation summer,
I'm ready for you!:)
I'm ready to have flowers on my table all summer long,
Have my windows cracked and the summer
breeze blowing in,
Night time walks with my sweetheart,
Snow cones in the park,
Anything and everything to do with summer:)
Sam and I are working on a list of things
we want do to this summer,
We are adventures over here
And summer brings that out of us:)

Happy Tuesday Lovers:)
Go buy some flowers for your table!!:)

- Chelsie C.

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