Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hypo Fitness Week : Day 1

I can't lie,
I'm really excited about this
Hypo Fitness thing this week!:)
And I'm really really excited about what I'll be sharing with you over the next couple of days!!
They are simple life style changes,
That I promise will leave you feeling much
Better and healthier:)
These are life style changes you can make even
If you don't hypothyroidism,
They are just good for the bod,
Your bod;)
I would like to share,
Who doesn't want the in on this information?!
Through what I have learned,
There are so many hidden foods that you don't know about that can be used in this area,
I love it!:)
First off,
Every person pretty much eats three meals everyday,
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Did you know that small snacks throughout the day
Can be more beneficial,
Than not eating anything at all or just sticking
To these three meals???
Below are some great snacks that I try to incorporate throughout my day:)
My favorite,
Apples/Celery with peanut butter:)
Let me tell you,
I love the peanut butter,
But go easy.
The nutrition comes from the apple and celery itself,
Especially the skin of the apple!
Peanut butter is a good source of protein and fiber,
And is one of those foods that makes you feel fuller!
Hence being a great snack time food,
So you aren't starving my lunch time,
And overeat your calories!
Can I just mention how easy this snack is to
Bring with you?!
You got some tuber ware???
Just slip it in that purse of yours:)
Let me mention a few foods that we should
Already have in our homes,
That are great metabolism boosters!:)
1. Avocados
Avocados are great on just about everything! Sandwiches, salads, pastas, avocados are good and good for you!!
2. Cheese and Milk
As well as being metabolism boosters, these are a great source of calcium! The best advice I can give is try not to get your source of nutrition from supplements, get it from the real stuff. In this case for calcium, from cheese and milk!!
3. Asparagus
This stuff is DELICIOUS if steamed!! Asparagus is also a great side for dinners, yummy!!
4. Legumes
Good source of protein here people, get it while you can!!
5. Greek-Style Yogurt
All yogurts are pretty much great for you and your body, but there is a reason people are ranting and raving over greek yogurt! I also love that you can add granola to your yogurts like this and enjoy it even more:) If you aren't buying greek-style yogurt now, you should be;)
6. Tree Nuts
Another great snack for you to take with you! A bag of almonds or walnuts that you can snack at your desk or on the go, sign me up!!
7. Spinach
Switch up your salads, instead of romaine lettuce switch it for some spinach! You will be surprised what this does for your taste buds and your metabolism!!
8. Fish and Shellfish
Fish is fabulous for you!! I wish I enjoyed it because I know how great it is for you...
Eat it if you can, it's awesome for the bod;)
9. Eggs
I pretty much eat eggs for breakfast everyday, they are easy, quick, delicious, and good for you:)
10. Poultry/Pork
I eat a lot of chicken, mostly because I don't like fish, ha! You can get chicken wherever you go, pretty much! And I know you are going to be tempted to get the chicken fried, but when you get it grilled, your body will love you!!
11. Cottage Cheese
If you are like me, I am ALWAYS looking for a midnight snack!! Cottage cheese is one of the best foods that you can eat right before bed. It boosts your metabolism and works it, even when you are sleeping! Get a box of Triscuits and enjoy!!
With these 11 foods,
I can almost make up a full week of meals for myself!
These foods not only help your body,
But they help you feel your best:)
Go easy on the fried stuff,
And go more for the fresh grilled stuff!
Eat the skin on foods when you can,
And buy more frozen foods than canned foods!!
Less artificial sugars,
And more natural sugars from our fruits!
At first I felt like it was more convenient
Buying the canned stuff,
Or heading through the drive through for
Some chicken nuggets,
But once I made that life style change,
It's been hard for me to go back.
Mostly because I know how much better I feel eating the items above,
Then some chicken nuggets that seem to
Just sit in my gut.
You also don't need to only eat these foods,
But it would probably be a great idea to incorporate at least three of the items above throughout your day!
Give yourself a cheat day during the week!!
Some days you just need a bowl of
Peanut butter m&m's or café rio,
I know I do!!:)
Like I said,
We can probably find all these items in our home,
So we might as well incorporate them into our diets!:)
Happy Eating Lovers:)
- Chelsie C. 

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  1. Great tips, Chels! Thanks! I'm excited for hypo fit week. :)


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