Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I was being a good blogger for awhile,
But the weekend happened and stuff,
And then half of the week
So here is my life as of lately!
Enjoy my random thoughts from this Wednesday:)

It's been freezing here in Rexburg lately.
Like yesterday,
Let me tell you about yesterday.
After work I had to go and get a prescription,
So I got home from work,
Started the car,
And decided to let it warm it's buns up!
Then drove to the pharmacy shop.
I had given my car about 20 minutes to warm up,
{ driving included }
So I thought I was good to go.
I pulled up to the window,
And my window wouldn't roll down!!!
Lucky for me,
No one was at the window or saw me!
{ that could have been embarrassing }
So I proceeded to just drive through like I had
Taken care of my business and such!
I parked my car,
And then went inside.
Rexburg weather,
Don't do this to me!
I really was just avoiding going outside more than
I had to yesterday, ha!!
My birthday is on Monday,
And I'm really excited for some reason:)
Husband has some surprises up his sleeves,
Or so he says!!
I'm doing all I can to find out what is happening!:)
I got engaged last year on my birthday:)
I can't believe it's almost been a year since Sam
Popped the question!
This cold weather is familiar,
And I'm so excited to celebrate our 1 year anniversary:)
Time flies when you are with your best friend,
So marry your best friend ladies and gents!!

And as far as Hypo Fitness week goes,
I found a really good hot chocolate recipe,
And that's all I'm going to say about that;)
Hypo Fitness week will carry on sometime in the future;)
And yes I'll share the recipe with you;)
I can't wait until Christmas!
People who are decorating right now and playing Christmas music are my favorite!:)
I also love Thanksgiving,
But the Christmas cheer is something to have
All year long for me:)
Husband and I bought a rug for our new apartment,
We are really excited,
And we know it's just a rug,
But things like this excite us!:)
We are interesting people can you tell?
I have been burning cinnamon sticks in my burner,
Our apartment smells lovely:)
Invest people!!
But I must warn you,
If you live in a tiny apartment like Sam and I,
The overly powerful smell will burn the nose!
It's worth it though:)
I'm addicted to,
America's Next Top Model.
My sister and I finished a season last night,
And I'm starting a new season tonight.
This is actually the reason I haven't been blogging...
And just so we are all on the same page,
Bright red nail polish is always in!!
The color red just makes a girl feel classy!
With my red nail polish and red shoes,
I feel unstoppable!:)
Is it 5 yet?!
Because now all I can really think about is watching that new season of,
Americas Next Top Model!!
- Chelsie C.

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