Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hypo Fitness Week : Day 2

Today I would like to talk about,
One of my most favorite things ever!!:)

I have been lacking on my exercise,
Mostly because I haven't been feeling well.
But even when I just take a break from exercising,
I can feel the difference within my body!

The thing I LOVE about exercising,
Is there is a variety of things you can do to stay fit!:)
We have cycling, yoga, running, elliptical, kick boxing,
Circuits, Body Pump, I mean you name it!
There are so many different ways for you to feel great!:)
Find what you love to do,
And stick with it!!

I would like to issue a challenge to all of you:)
This month I am participating in a,
Lazy Man Iron Man here at BYU-Idaho,
I'm way excited:)
If you all you lovers want to,
I would love to have you join me!!
Here's how it goes:)

You have the month of November to complete this challenge!:)
{ today is the 5th so you better get to it! }
You will run 26 miles,
Bike 112 miles,
And swim 2.4 miles!
{ 84 laps is what that comes out to be i believe }
People usually do this all in a day,
But that's why it's called the,
Lazy Man Iron Man!
Because we are going to do it all in a month!:)

It's steps like this we take,
That will one day allow us to participate in an iron man,
And we will be able to complete it in one whole day:)

I would just like to leave you with some good exercising tips,
They have helped me enjoy working out,
And getting my butt off the couch to work out!
1. Pick a Time to Workout
If you set aside a certain time of the day that you can exercise, stick to it, get into the habit of it, then you will always find yourself at the gym or out running! I have a time set aside in the evenings and now that I have stuck to it, I look forward to my evening workouts!!

2. Find a Workout Buddy
Find a friend that you can workout with, it is so much more fun!:) It really motivates you to get out and do your class or your run if you know that someone else is depending on you being there!!

3. Find a Good Shoe
Honestly, 99% of exercising is making sure that you have the right shoe to do it in! Go to a store, sit down, and try on a bunch of different brands! My favorite stores are those where you actually get to run on a treadmill for a minute, they record your feet, and hand pick some shoes that are going to be the best for you! It's awesome, find one of those places!!

4. Hydrate
Drink lots of water throughout the day before you exercise. Also during and after, stay hydrated, you will be surprised what this does for your energy level!!

5. Get a Good Playlist
I think people can tell when I'm working out to a good song at the gym because I'm usually pounding pavement! I can't tell you the difference working out will be when you have a fabulous playlist pumping you up!!

6. Try New Things
Don't just stick to running or kickboxing, get out of your comfort zone and do something new!:) It's a great thing for your body when every other day you target a different part of your body! Running one day and hitting the weights the next day is a great way to get that variety in!

7. Manage your Eating Schedule
Make sure you haven't just eaten before working out and have eaten so you have enough energy. There is nothing worse than side aches when you are trying to do your thing, or not even having enough energy to finish your workout! Manage your eating schedule with your workout schedule!!

8. Warm Up and Stretch
The best thing you can do for yourself is take some time to warm up before you workout and then take some time to stretch afterwards. Your body will love you for this and you won't wake up feeling so sore the next day!

9. Set Goals
Whether it's being able to run 3 miles without stopping or lifting heavier weights, set weekly and monthly goals for yourself! There should be a purpose behind all things you do, especially exercising!!

Like I said,
I love exercising,
Trying new things,
And feeling good after a hard core workout!:)
Exercising is also great for your metabolism,
In reference to yesterday!

Happy Exercising Lovers:)

- Chelsie C.

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