Saturday, November 1, 2014

Love Story: Part 11

Today is November 16, 2013,
Sam has been home 18 days,
And I am loving life:)
I don't think I realized how much I had missed Sam
Until he came home from his mission:)
It was so great to be around Sam,
Give him hugs,
Hear his laugh,
Invite him over to do things,
And just be able to talk to him!!
These 18 days were so awesome!:)

When Sam stepped off the plane and I gave him a hug at the airport,
I KNEW things were going to work out,
I just knew it:)
The whole time Sam had been on his mission,
I constantly prayed about it,
Worried about it,
And thought about it,
But I was taught some real patience.
I did not receive my answer that I was going to marry Sam until the day he returned home from this mission.
It was a real good feeling:)
I didn't know if Sam had felt the same thing,
Or if I was just so excited to have him home!
But good news,
Sam felt the same way too:)
He said that he knew way before I did though,

During these 18 days,
We talked,
And talked,
And talked some more:)
We talked about the two years,
And what was ahead in the years to come!
We knew this was right,
We wanted to get married,
And we kinda wanted to get married
Before school started:)
A.k.a it was November,
And we were thinking of getting married in December:)

We were planning our happily ever after,
It was fine,
Until we realized that we should tell our
Parents this thought process of ours,
Not fine.
Actually it was fine,
I was just really nervous to tell my parents we
Wanted to get married next month,

I had just gotten home from hanging out with Sam,
I ran upstairs and changed into my pj's,
And then I came back downstairs to talk to my parents.
"Dad, Mom, can I talk to you?"
Maybe I should go change,
I am sweating up a storm at this point!!!
"Sam and I have been talking,
And things are picking up right where they left off."
My Mom beat me to the end of my sentence,
Haha she knew it was coming!!

I then told them we were thinking of getting
Married next month,
But my parents were so supportive,
It's like they were thinking the same thing!!
Sure they were a little worried about time,
And if we would be able to get everything done,
But December just sounded lovely for a wedding:)
Our wedding:)
So that was that,
We had a plan,
And we were sticking to it:)

There was just one thing,
Sam and I weren't engaged.

But that is where November 16, 2013 comes into play:)
I am sharing the link from my old blog,
You just cant re-create magic like this:)
To read the rest of our engagement story,
Go here:)
If you read the blog post,
You then know that,
December 27, 2013 it is!:)
I couldn't wait to marry the love of my life!:)

- Chelsie C.

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