Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucky to be in Love

I'm blogging about my husband today,
Are you surprised much???
Me either;)
Sam had to work last night,
And before he came home,
I wanted to make sure that I had our
Apartment all cleaned up,
Dinner on the table,
And a movie ready to go:)
Sam and I are kind of on complete opposite schedules,
So we live for the evenings and Netflix:)
Last night we ate little smokies and hot chocolate,
And watched a Christmas movie:)
It was a lot of fun,
And as we sat there watching the movie,
I thought about the picture below that I had
Seen a few days back!
I know the phrase usually goes,
"You are the apple of my eye."
But every couple is so different that they should
All be a different fruit:)
Us Cannons are going for the pineapple!!
Some days are just plain crazy,
Which makes me crazy most of those days haha!
But Sam ALWAYS knows exactly
What to say in each situation.
That's the reason he is the pineapple of my eye:)
I'm always told that the first year of
Marriage is the hardest,
It's a learning process you take day by day.
But the second year of marriage,
And third and fourth could be just as hard!
But you know what makes it easier?
Finding that person you can rely on and trust:)
Marriage hasn't been hard,
But it hasn't been easy.
It's a forever adventure that I chose the
Right person to explore it with:)
I have a good husband:)
A husband who allows me to be me.
To make mistakes and learn from them.
And triumphs with me when I succeed.
I love him for it:)
You are forever the pineapple of my eye:)
I cannot wait to watch another Christmas
Movie with you tonight:)
Happy Thursday Lovers:)
- Chelsie C.

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