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Love Story: Part 12

This is it,
The last of the love stories:)
This has been fun,
Too fun actually!!
I love this love story Sam and I have created:)
And the story only continues from here:)


It's here!:)
December 27, 2013,
Is FINALLY here!:)

Growing up my Mom had always told me stories of her and my Dad's wedding day!
She said that he was nervous,
Throwing up the night before,
Just feeling a little overwhelmed about the day.
For all of you that know my Mom,
She has her stuff together!!
Way more together than me!
So I was really worried about how I would be
Doing on my wedding day...
But I was great:)
I had never felt so much excitement and peace,
There wasn't an inch of nervousness to be found:)
I felt like I had waited my whole life for this day,
And it was here and I was going to enjoy
Every second of it:)

The night before I decided to be home early,
I finished packing my bags,
Had a million piles of stuff everywhere,
And by 11:00 I was all ready to go for the next day:)

When I moved home after my previous semester,
My sister and Madie got really close!
We started doing weekly sleepovers,
Which then turned into daily sleepovers haha,
So it was only natural that I would have my last sleepover with Madie the night before my wedding!
And really,
Madie has the most comfortable king sized bed,
So it's where I wanted to sleep everyday haha!:D
I slept SO good that night!!
I didn't take me long to fall asleep,
I didn't wake up once that night,
I was totally calm!
And when my alarm went off that morning,
I was ready to go!!:)

I got up,
Jumped in the shower and shaved my legs,
Shaved my legs again,
And then again!
I knew it was going to be cold that day,
And I would be shivering,
So I wanted those babies to stay smooth!!;)

Besides shaving my legs,
The only thing I remember doing that morning was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off,
Trying to stuff all those piles of stuff into my car,
I saw my Dad that morning,
He helped me stuff some more stuff into my car,
And then I was off to get my hair done:)
Looking back,
I probably don't remember anything,
Because I was thinking about Sam,

After I got my hair all done,
I went to pick Sam up at his house for our brunch:)
This was one of the happiest moments of my life:)
When I walked into Sam's house,
A lot of his family was standing there.
His family,
And they all were just as excited as I was!:)
And then I saw my Sam,
My soon to be groom,
Oh, he was handsome:)

We had one thing we need to do before we
Went to our brunch,
You can read that here:)
It was so crazy to say we were going to OUR brunch!!

There was so much work put into our brunch,
It was delicious and perfect:)
Sam's parents and those that helped them,
Made all our dreams come true,
It was such a fun morning:)

Sam and I were getting married at 2:30 that afternoon,
And I loved that!:)
Our morning wasn't rushed,
We were able to chat with family and friends,
And just enjoy our morning together:)

But then the time came,
It was time to head to the Temple!:)
That was the best drive I had EVER taken!:)
Sam and I were driving to the Temple,
And we were going to get married!!!:D
On the way to the Temple I was spraying Sam's hair with hairspray so it would stay the way it was,
We were laughing so hard,
And trying to not pass out from all the fumes!!!
Back in the day,
Sam's hair didn't like to stay in place,
So this was necessary!;)

Then we arrived at the Idaho Falls Temple,
My most favorite Temple:)
The sealing was absolutely beautiful:)
We had a room that could sit 90 people,
But actually had over 110 people in the sealing room:)
It was so special to have all those people in that room:)
They were family,
Life long friends,
And soon to be family,
I have never felt so loved:)
I thought I was going to be crying and have my
Nose running everywhere,
But again,
I was totally calm:)
I felt a sigh of relief as I was in the Temple that day.
Sam and I had made it,
We were being sealed for time and all eternity:)

After the sealing I went and got into my wedding dress:)
Sam and I got really lucky with getting married at 2:30,
Because we were the last ones to get married that day:)
I had the entire bridal room to myself,
And we also were the only ones outside taking pictures,
It was perfect:)
It was a little warmer than before:)
We lucked out with the weather that day!!
It was a beautiful day for December:)
Blue skies,
No wind,
We were blessed:)

When Sam and I stepped out of the doors,
We were officially Mr. and Mrs. Cannon:)
I love these pictures,
I was so excited to be Chelsie Cannon,
As well as get a breath of fresh air,
It was quite warm in the Temple that day haha:D

We hugged family and friends,
Took pictures until I thought my toes were
Going to fall off!
Our noses were bright red,
But I would do it all over again,
That was so much fun!:)
We headed to Blackfoot for our reception:)
Sam and I were starving,
So we stopped by Burger King on the way home:)
Sam totally spilt BBQ on his suit and tie!!!
Probably because we were taking this picture!
We were freaking out haha!:D
No one even noticed though,
So all was well;)

When we got to the church we quickly got ready,
Took a few more pictures,
And got ready to stand in line:)

I was totally overwhelmed with love with the amount of people who came to our reception!:)
Sam and I give all credit to our parents,
And most of the people I didn't even know,
But it was so good to hug everyone that came through the line,
And thank them for coming:)
So many people told me I was beautiful,
That Sam was handsome,
And that we looked so happy:)
I was so unbelievably happy with Sam by my side,
And I am grateful to those who came to
Celebrate this day with us:)

After the line had stopped,
We did the last few traditional reception things:)
We cut the cake,
And stuffed it in each others faces!!!
We had totally planned on being nice and neat,
And then Sam surprised me haha!:D
It was totally up the nostril!!!
We had our first dance as Mr. and Mrs.
Danced to Rooney,
And our family and friends joined us,
It was awesome:)

Then we changed,
Which was also a great moment of the day,
It has never felt so good to put on anything
Besides a wedding dress!
Although I really love my wedding dress,
I am also a lover of sweats;)
One of my favorite parts was walking through the  tunnel of bubbles that our family and
Friends were blowing:)
I had always seen pictures of people doing sparklers,
Those things have always scared me haha,
So I was glad it was bubbles:)
Even though there were lots of bubbles,
I was trying to see all of the people blowing them,
Because they all meant so much to me:)
People blowing these bubbles had done so much that day to make the day so perfect for Sam and I:)
These people had helped with the brunch,
Helped decorate the reception,
Were friends,
New Family,
My siblings,
My parents,
I just loved everyone so much in that moment:)
And then Sam and I walked out the doors,
And headed off to our forever:)
In other words,

Thanks for all those that made our dreams come true,
December 27, 2013 will always be my favorite day,
And truly the beginning of our love story:)

- Chelsie C.

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  1. What a great love story! This has been so much fun. Now you're living your happily ever after and it will be so great to see what happens next!


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