Monday, November 3, 2014


For the last little while,
I have not been feeling like myself,
Or really looking like myself for that matter!
This might be TMI,
But here are some of the
Symptoms I had been experiencing.
. extreme hunger
{ i seriously could out eat sam by a long ways }
. no weight gain with this extreme hunger
{ people, i was going back for thirds and fourths! }
. urinating ALL the time
{ every 30 mins like i haven't gone for 8 hours}
. hair loss
{ our bathroom floor, yeah, bad. }
. tired ALL the time
{ if i could, i would have slept 24/7, it was crazy! }
. hands and feet were going numb
{ weird }
At this point Sam and I were thinking,
It's time to go to the doctor!!
{ i think sam was just sick of all the hair on the floor, haha }
My first concern was diabetes!
With everything I had read online,
I was a perfect match!
{ i blame the candy bowl in our apartment! }
So I went into the doctor and spilled my guts,
Told her I was a lover of fruit snacks and skittles,
And that I was slightly worried I had diabetes.
She ordered a couple of blood tests.
They included a 2-hour insulin resistant test
{ which really takes 3-hours, don't be fooled }
And then a bunch of other common blood tests.
Your CBC,
Thyroid Panel,
You all know the drill!
So a couple of days later I went in for all these crazy blood tests!
The best part was that I got to drink a overly sugared fruit punch for my insulin resistant test,
It was DIVINE!!!
They gave me five minutes to drink it,
I had that baby down in a minute!!!
So if any of you have to have this test,
Go for the fruit punch,
It will change your life,
And make that horribly long test worth it!:)
Sam was so awesome to come and sit with me for the whole three hours:)
It was actually a lot of fun I'm not going to lie:)
We were in a room with other people having the same long insulin test,
{ p.s we all had the fruit punch drink and were all instantly friends }
And we watched the Walking Dead,
Laughed a lot,
I mean who knew you could have so much fun at a doctors office?!
I had this test done on a Friday,
And my results came back Monday!
I was really worried what the results were going to come back as.
My doctor had mentioned that it could be my thyroid,
But I was really just worried that everything would be normal,
And my hair loss and hunger swings would remain with me forever!
In other words,
I was just making up all these symptoms.
Good news!
I didn't have diabetes,
But it was my thyroid!
They nurse told me that I had Hypothyroidism!
A wave of relief came over me,
Because I realized this was a much easier fix than having diabetes.
{ hooray! }
The nurse told me a bunch of stuff over the phone that totally overwhelmed me,
In other words,
That wave of relief quickly left, haha!
She said that my thyroid had been working in overdrive for awhile,
This explains the hair loss,
My metabolism has slowed down quite a bit,
And with the new medication I should start feeling a lot better within a couple of days!
So I quickly started researching all I could about Hypothyroidism,
Looking for apps that I could download that would be helpful,
And to be honest,
There is not a whole lot out there concerning hypothyroidism.
I found one app that was actually just a multiple choice test that would let you know if you might have hypothyroidism.
Too bad I already knew!
{ spoiler alert! }
But I actually found some bloggers that had this same thought process about there not being any information on Hypothyroidism,
And decided to shed some light on those { me } that were confused about what they had just been diagnosed with.
Through all the various posts I have read,
Research I have done,
Talking with the nurse,
I finally can breath knowing I have hypothyroidism:)
After I found out that I had hypothyroidism,
I started telling a few people,
And they all said the same thing back to me.
"That makes you fat."
"You totally gain weight if you have hypothyroidism"
"Too bad you don't have Hyperthyroidism!"
No encouragement,
Or an I know someone that has that and they are totally fine,
Just negative comments that I didn't really want to hear.
I was totally self conscious at this point,
Gaining weight is nothing anyone wants to hear,
Especially a newly married woman who is still trying to look somewhat decent for her husband.
{ my personal thought process }
But these blogs I found totally turned my whole perspective,
They were the encouragement I had been looking for:)
{ this is why blogging is awesome }
I don't know if anyone reads my blog that has Hypothyroidism,
But if they do they can probably testify that it's not a scary thing,
It's actually a "disease" that can easily be fixed through medication!:)
{ thank you modern medicine }
Sure it requires a little life style change,
But there are worst things you can be diagnosed with for sure!!
I'm grateful it's just my thyroid and that I can still eat fruit snacks and skittles without going into sugar overdrive:)
Over the next couple of days,
I would like to share a few life style changes I have been incorporating to help me feel better:)
I know I'm doing it because I have Hypothyroidism,
But really,
These are just things that will make everyone feel better:)
We will call it Hypo Fitness Week,
I am also an Exercise Physiology Major,
So this is really just an excuse to share some awesome tips with all of you:)
But I'm alive,
Today is a wonderful day,
I'm feeling so much better,
I have Hypothyroidism,
I am Chelsie,
If I gain a few pounds I'll blame it on Thanksgiving,
I'm grateful for the blogging world,
Modern medicine,
And help from my Sam, he is so awesome:)
{ look at all the blood tests i survived, haha!! }
Happy Monday Lovers:)
Chelsie C.

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  1. You're awesome, Chels! Way to go surviving those blood tests. I'm so glad you got some answers and that there is an easy fix. And I'm really glad you have an amazing hubby to be by you every step of the way!


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