Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love Story: Part 9

So the wait begins!!:)

I could also write post after post,
With adventures that happened within these two years,
But I think I'll just fill this post with pictures:)

Below really sums up the best two years:)
There is just something wonderful about being able to say,
Your best friend is a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:)
Elder Cannon left on his mission:)
{ this is him with his first mission president and wife }
And I went off to college:)
Elder Cannon made new friends:)
And so did I:)
Elder Cannon was a great Missionary:)
And I tried to be a great student:)
Elder Cannon learned the art of planking in the PA:)
And I tried to follow in his footsteps:)
Here are some people Elder Cannon grew to love:)
And here are some people I grew to love even more:)
 Elder Cannon became an Assistant to the President:)
And I became and Aunt:)
 Elder Cannon would send me pictures like this:)
And I would send him pictures like this:)
He had his name tag:)
{ this is him with all the assistants }
And I had mine:)
{ i have met so many wonderful people at my job on campus }
Sam went to Washington D.C:)
While I ran a marathon:)
Elder Cannon would send me cute selfies like this:)
And I would send him even cuter ones like this:)
 { cuter, we are going to say thats a word, haha }
These are people who kept Sam company for two years:)
And these are people who kept me company for
Two Years:)
His homies:)
My Homies:)
Elder Cannon went to a Philly's game:)
And I went to the tulip festival:)
Elder Cannon had great companions:)
And I had great roommates:)
He met a legend:)
And so did I:)
{ this was sam's first mission president }
Elder Cannon celebrated on rooftops:)
I celebrated with balloons:)
{ this was at sam's one year mark }
He would tell me he missed Idaho:)
And I would tell him that Idaho missed him:)
You could tell by his shoes that he was an amazing missionary:)
I have always loved this picture:)

I was so lucky to be able to write this boy for two years,
His letters and emails were inspiring!:)
He was a hard working Missionary,
And truly dedicated two years of his life to the Lord:)

But the day FINALLY came,
Sent Elder Cannon his LAST letter:)

And then I tried to patiently wait for
October 29th to arrive:)

Chelsie C.

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