Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love Story: Part 4

Did Sam just ask me on a date to McDonalds?!

I ran downstairs to tell my Mom the news!
"Mom THEE Sam Cannon just asked me
On a date to McDonalds!!!
Can I go?!"
Just my luck.
It was late,
Apparently I was in high school and had a curfew,
And my Mom said no.
{cue the depressing music}

I didn't get to enjoy a cheeseburger and fries with Sam.
{At least that night I didn't..}

For some odd reason,
Sam and I had a fetish with McDonalds:)
{and still do, ha!}
It came up frequently in our conversations,
And so it was only natural for one to wonder,
When this date would happen to the golden arches:)

On August 3rd, 2009,
Not only did I get a Facebook message from Sam,
But I got a phone call asking me on a date to McDonalds:)
And good news!
My Mom said YES!!:)

So we set it all up,
I curled my hair,
Picked out the best outfit I had,
And tried patiently to wait for Mr. Sam
To come and pick me up:)
When the doorbell range,
I almost passed out!!
There was Sam with his baseball necklace,
And superman shirt:)
I was pretty excited:)

We did everything we talked about via Facebook,
We went to McDonalds!:)
I got a cheeseburger,
Sam got a McFlurry,
And we had our first date at the golden arches:)

We drove around good  ol' Blackfoot:)
Sam told me about a bunch of haunted
Places around town,
And so we checked them out:)
It was just SO much fun to say the least:)

I had to get home early that night due to dance.
So Sam took me home,
Walked me to the door,
Gave me THEEE BEST hug,
And I ran upstairs and patiently waited for Sam to send me another message:)

We had officially had our first date,
And I didn't want to tell anyone,
But I was in love with the boy in the baseball necklace:)
Chelsie C.

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