Sunday, October 26, 2014

Love Story: Part 5

On October 17, 2009,
I made the best decision of my life:)
I feel like this next event hit off what was to become between Sam and I,
I love this day:)


A couple of days earlier,
Sam had asked me if I wanted to go to Logan, UT with his family,
To watch his sister Alice play in a volleyball tournament!
I was
That Sam had asked me to do something,
And I was running around my house trying to find my Mom!!
"MOM, MOM!!"
CAN I GO?!?!"

I totally knew that my Mom was going to say no.
I mean,
Why would she let me go to Utah with a boy she hardly knew?!
But then something strange happened...
She said YES!!!:D
It's like she knew that Sam was special,
And this day would be special too:)

So October 17th finally came,
And bright and early Mr. Sam came and picked me up:)

On our way to Utah we had solitaire
Tournaments on our I-Pods,
I chatted with his awesome family,
And even played name that tune with all the Cannons!!!
{sam's family listened to totally different music, so i did terrible, ha!}
It was a lot of fun,
And I was enjoying getting to know the Cannon Family:)

When we got to Logan,
We started watching Alice play in her tournament!
And of course I got nailed by a volleyball!!
Haha, I laugh about it now,
But I was so embarrassed!:D

Sam and I took a couple of walks throughout
The tournament,
That was my favorite part:)
During one of our walks,
Sam bent down and picked up an earring that was laying on the ground.
He said,
"Look, it's an eyeball!"
And gave it to me.
I still have that eyeball:)

After the tournament we headed over to one of
Sam's Uncles home!
They were so fun to meet:)
We headed downstairs though to take a load off and watch some movies:)

Sam's little sister Brooke insisted on watching Cinderella,
So we did and it was awesome:)
Throughout the movie though,
I had this feeling that Sam was going to
Hold my hand.
But as the credits started rolling,
I knew that the feeling was TOTALLY wrong!!

After Cinderella,
We were still tired,
So we watched a show called Cool Runnings:)
{i will forever love this show}

Once again I got this feeling Sam was going to hold my hand,
But I quickly brushed it away.
It was probably just the volleyball hit talking to me,
My hand was resting on a pillow though,
And about halfway through the movie my hand twitched!!
Like full on muscle spasm,
And Sam looked right at me and said...
"Can I hold your hand?:)"
I'm sure my face was turning red right about now,
But how could I say no?!
I wanted to hold Sam's hand!!!
So I said yes,
And was completely distracted the rest of the movie:)

At one point we stopped holding hands,
I don't remember why.
But Sam asked if I would like to start holding hands again.
And as much as I loved it,
I was so nervous people!!!
So I said,
"Uh...I need to go to the bathroom:)"
I totally didn't need to go,
But faked the motions like I did, ha!!
When I got into the bathroom though,
There was a huge hobo spider!!!
I don't do well with spiders for anyone that knows me,
So I ran out of the bathroom calling for Sam,

We resumed holding hands,
And finished the rest of Cool Runnings:)
The movie ended though to soon,
And it was time to head home.
It was a nice drive home,
I thought a lot about the day and all the events that had just happened.
Sam totally fell asleep!!
{he wont admit it, but he did!!}
And I just stared out the window at the beautiful stars:)

When we got back to Blackfoot,
Sam told me he would take me home:)
We took a detour to go star gazing,
But really,
We just wanted to hold hands:)

Are you starting to see why this day changed my life?!:)

While we were sitting in the Land Cruiser,
Star gazing and holding hands,
Sam asked me,
"Can I give you a kiss?:)"
Once again,
And this is what I said...

"Ya know,
I kinda like when I don't know when things are coming.
I think things should just happen:)"
And just like that I talked Sam out of giving me a kiss!!

So he drove me home,
We held hands the whole way,
And I was on cloud 9!:)
Despite the fact that I had declined a kiss from this hunk,
This day was perfect:)
Chelsie C.

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