Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Isn't Perfect

I have really been struggling with perfection.
I don't know why us girls put
Perfection at the top of the list,
But I have decided to just take it off.
What was it doing there in the first place?!

I was reminded today that we live in an imperfect world,
And as hard as we try to make things perfect,
The cookies are going to come out burned.
{they are better that way anyways, ha!}

I have learned that the things that are perfect in our lives,
Are the things that are untouched by
Photoshop and filters.
Sometimes you can't even see the perfection,
But rather, you feel it.
I have been blessed with so much,
And I have SO much to be grateful for:)
Hard times may come,
But I'll make it out on top if I do my best!
And so will you:)
So I may shop at the thrift store down the street,
I may struggle in school and the never ending homework,
I may only know how to cook five meals,
I may live in the tinest apartment where threes a crowd,
And I may eat more bags of potato chips than I should,
But guess what?
I am happy:)
This is my life and I am living it:)
I'm living it with my husband by my side,
And my family all around me:)
I guess I just wanted to write this post,
Because happiness is essential in each of our lives,
And we deserve to be so happy:)
We may not have it all and that's great!
If we were already perfect,
This life would get pretty boring!!
I am grateful for the simple things in life,
For those moments in my life that are
Untouched by photoshop and filters,
But rather filled with love and room for improvement!!
What's my new moto you ask?!
Stop comparing your life or talents with others,
You aren't perfect,
You are unique,
And that is what makes you, YOU!!:)
I'm glad I had this ah-HA! moment today,
That I am me and no one else:)
That I have Sam,
My family,
My good friends,
My apartment I call home,
My struggles to learn from,
And a life untouched by perfection:)
- Chelsie C.

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