Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Love Story: Part 7

From October 27th on,
Things just kind of escalated with Sam and I:)
Our friendship continued to grow and grow,
And I found out that I kinda really
Loved being around this guy:)
We did everything together!:)
School dances,
Hanging out on the weekends,
Inviting each other to do things with our families,
Dating Sam was pretty much a blast!!:)
I was loving every second:)

I'm pretty sure that I could write a million more
Love Story Parts dealing with our dating period,
We have had so many good times:)
But to save doing a million parts,
I think I'll skip to the next big event that
Happened in our lives:)

While Sam and I were dating,
We always talked about the future!
What dreams we wanted to pursue,
Where we wanted to go to school,
And where we saw ourselves in 10 years from now.
One thing that ALWAYS impressed me about Sam,
Was that his future plans always included serving a
two year mission:)
He was so excited for his mission,
Even though at this point it was still quite a ways away,
It was always part of his plan:)

As our friendship continued to grow,
I started to realize what this two year mission would mean...
Me waiting two years for this boy!!!
But every time I thought about it,
It didn't seem like something I had to do,
But some thing I WANTED to do:)
I knew it would be hard,
But worth it:)

Sam and I spent a lot of nights talking about these
two years.
Should we continue this friendship via letters,
Or take a break and pick up where we left off in
two years!
That second option pretty much got kicked out of the mix pretty quick,
We both wanted this to last,
And if we had to wait two years,
That is what we were going to do:)

Let's fast forward to July 21, 2011:)
The day Sam received his mission call!:)
What a day this was!!!
It was almost unreal when I sat and thought
About it to long.
I just kept thinking,
"Sam is going to find out where he is going to serve for the next two years!"
{and it wasn't going to be blackfoot, darn it!}

When he sent me the picture of that big white envelope,
I lost it!!
I just started crying,
I was so proud of Sam:)
I was full of excitement for Sam,
This was a special day:)
{happy tears, happy tears!!}

Sam got his call earlier that day,
And he wasn't going to open up the big white letter
Until later that night!!
The anticipation was KILLING me!!!
Everyone was so anxious to find out where Sam was going:)

The time finally came for Sam to open up his call,
And my friend Tanece and I headed over
For the big reveal!!:)
A lot of people had a hunch that Sam
Was going to go to Brazil,
But boy were we in for a surprise!:)

I can't remember where I guessed,
It was probably Hawaii,
Because that is usually where I guess for everyone haha!!
I have yet gone to a mission call opening where the person got called to Hawaii!
I'm sure it will happen someday!:)

It was time,
Everyone was huddled around,
Ready for Sam to tell us where he had been called:)
It was fun to be in a room where so many people surrounded Sam:)
These people were his neighbors,
Best friends,
And family:)
It was so special to be there:)

I wrote a blog post about Sam opening his mission call back in the day,
There is a video at the very bottom that I can't put on here for some reason!
So you can watch the excitement HERE!:)

If any of you watched the video,
You saw that Sam got his mission call to...
Why hadn't I thought about that place before?!
It was so perfect for Sam:)
I love in the video where Sam's voice cracks when he says where he is going,
The Spirit was so strong,
Sam knew this is where he was supposed to serve for the next two years:)

Funny story,
The first thought I had when Sam opened up his
Mission call was,
I had my friend Tanece text all my friends because I was seriously struggling with the spelling!!
Because of this,
Sam and I decided to call Philadelphia,
Of course now I can spell it after two years of
Constantly spelling it,
But I still refer to Philadelphia as Phila:)

Later that night,
Sam walked me to my car and we took these photos:)
{this is our "SAM IS GOING TO PHILA faces"}
As I drove away that night,
I was so overwhelmed with joy,
Sam was going to Phila:)
But then I realized,
We only have over three months left together,
This time is going to go by too fast.

Chelsie C.

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